Pit Bull and Blind Chicken Who Do Everything Together Are Unlikely Best Friends

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Nature is filled with incredible things and unlikely animal friendships is just one of them. Seeing a bunch of animals hanging out with other animals that you wouldn’t expect them to is one of the weirdest and most wonderful combinations ever.

But there’s one unlikely animal friendship that has been taking the internet by storm this week… a pit bull and a blind chicken.

Keep scrolling to see the adorable besties as well as a countdown of other unusual animal friendships to warm your heart…

The pair met in a Norwegian forest.

While on a walk, Tinni and his owner, Torgeir Berge, were on a walk together in the forest when they met a wild fox.

And now every time they visit the forest, the pair meet up to play around with each other despite all their differences.

The experience has changed Berge’s mind about Norway’s fox-fur trade. He now wants to help work to ban the hunting of foxes. We love it!

Now this has to be the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen, right?

Look at her smile!

These besties make us gush with so much happiness.

Probably the oddest combination yet. But these three have a really strong bond, according to their owner.

This is Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the blue tick hound and Bland always captures their moments together.

I stan these 2.

Look at his arm draped around the dog! Can you possibly love this more?

According to their owner, this pair has been best friends for the past 6 years.

That rainbow really pulls everything together.

“We live in NSW Australia,” said their owner, “and have quite a few kangaroos on the property – Champy and Morris love to watch them.”

But in the meantime, he has Morris to keep him company.

This photograph was titled: “You look this way and I’ll look the other.” They always have a watchful eye over the farm.

And apparently, they’re affectionate with each other often.

Because he always slips off! So these outfits are a necessity. What an amazing friendship they have.

Keeping with the subject of horses, now we have a budding friendship between a horse and a dog. And as you can see, they’re really fond of each other.

This combination provides a healthy dose of cuteness.

Imagine capturing such a beautiful moment? Wow.

Now, these old age frenemies have decided to call it quits and become besties instead. Cute or cute?

This unlikely combination found a love for each other while they were at Duluth Animal Hospital.

“She was an experimental chicken in the program and she had run the course of the experiment, so that was it for her,” Williams told the Gwinnett Daily Post. “I asked if I could have her instead of them doing anything with her. I brought her home.”

Did you ever think you’d see a two-legged dog and an overly fluffy chicken taking a walk in the snow? I’s life’s most simplest pleasures.

And those are just the facts.

I know this isn’t your typical friendship, but that’s exactly what makes it more adorable! No? It’s the rat, isn’t it?

It doesn’t matter what species you are, friendships can develop everywhere.

It sounds like someone told a very funny joke…

Pippin and Kate have given the internet an “unlikely love story.”

“Pippin, a helpless baby fawn was abandoned by her mother on the property of Isobel Springett. Isobel’s Great Dane, Kate, adopted Pippin immediately and they have been best friends ever since.”

And Isobel Springett manages to capture their friendship in the purest form.

“After being saved from the pot due to a foot injury, Mable found a new wonder when she was moved into her owners’ home – puppies! For some reason, the year-old hen has taken to roosting on the puppies and keeping them warm!”

“Hens, like all mothers, naturally want to protect, nurture, and care for babies. Since she doesn’t have babies, but there are puppies around, she wants to mother the puppies, and by god, she’s gonna mother them puppies.”

When Ichimi the kitten was rejected by her mother, Ponzu the golden retriever and his owner Jessiepon took her in and nursed her back to full health.

The sig’s old bestie, Wasabi the kitten, died after a crow attack so Ichimi has been providing the pup with some TLC since then.

The pair often plays together, and Ponzu even cleans and sleeps together with Ichimi. We love a happy ending to a story!

Just look at the smile on the goat’s face!

Another unlikely alliance.

And it makes for some incredible pictures!

“Bubbles was rescued in Africa after her parents were both killed by poachers. As Bubbles grew over the years, from 300-9000 pounds, so too did her love for swimming. In 2007, a contractor hired to build Bubbles a swimming pool, abandoned Bella as a puppy at The Preserve. The pool and eventually the river presented these two the opportunity to interact in a way that developed a deep and lasting friendship.”

We have probably the greatest friendship I’ve ever seen: A lion, a tiger, and a bear.

This threesome defies the common stereotype that wild animals cannot get along.

This loving relationship developed when the cat and fox came across each other on a landfill site.

They proceeded to play with each other.

We love them!

Cuteness overload!

It has to go to this adorable Pit Bull and blind chicken.

But 6 months into her life, she came down with a serious eye infection.

“We made adjustments to help her as she lost her sight: bowls on a throw rug that make noise, special low roosting bars, an ottoman in the living room to ‘watch’ TV with us in the evening and an extra-large ottoman in our room, next to our bed, for her bed,” explained her owner, Christa Hubbard.  “We hired a chicken ‘nanny’ to help her out when we weren’t home.”

“He was 3 years old and quickly took to helping her find her way. A seeing eye dog for a hen. These two spent the next eight years together. He would guide and protect her. They napped together, sunbathed together.”

“Taj died in July 2018 after a long battle with cancer. Peri was lost without her buddy — she knew he was gone. Taj was so important in Peri’s life, so the family began to adopt pit bull puppies.

“Gracie will bring Peri a toy, place it in front of her and wait. When Peri is out in her yard doing chicken things, Gracie can be found laying outside the fence waiting for her (Peri has a fenced-in area as we have a pool). When Peri is on her ottoman ‘watching’ TV, Gracie brings her a toy. First thing in the morning when we get up, Gracie checks on her sleeping friend.”

So sweet. Keep scrolling for more animal cuteness… You won’t believe how vets helped this tiny hamster heal his broken arm…