Pit Bull Named Rocky Chases Lion From Backyard To Protect Family

A dog called Rocky has been hailed a “hero” after chasing a lion from his backyard so that he could protect his family.

A Pit Bull named Rocky recently chased a lion from a backyard so that he could protect his family.

We all know that a dog’s protective instincts always kick in when you need them the most. But, I couldn’t imagine how these owners must’ve felt when their dog took on a mountain lion in the hopes that he could scare it away.

Living near the Angeles National Forest, you share the forest with a lot of wild animals.

But, never in their wildest dreams, did this family imagine coming face to face with a mountain lion in their backyard. Eek.

“The mountain lion was looking right at me,” Mary Padres, the homeowner explained to CBS.

And then just like that, her dog shot to the rescue.

And even though both the lady’s dogs stood up to the mountain lion, it was Rocky, who just wouldn’t back down until the cat was off their property, as per CBS Los Angeles.

From the footage, captured by the family’s security camera, you can see the dog pouncing after the big cat after it attempted to come a lot closer to the home than it already was.

“It was huge,” Padres continued.

It’s clear that Rocky wants nothing but safety for his family.

“The whole reason he went after the mountain lion was to make sure I’m OK,” his owner said.

And, with no fear that the lion was still roaming around in the national forest, the family went to look for their little fluffy hero, finding him with 8 puncture wounds. But thankfully, it’s nothing he can’t recover from.

But the unfortunate news is…

The mountain lion is still out there, somewhere, and California Fish and Wildlife is currently investigating the incident so that everyone can be kept safe. According to the National Park Service, if you come across a mountain lion, the best thing to do is to stay calm, and back away slowly.

We hope you recover Rocky, you little champ!