Pitch Perfect’s Barden Bellas Reunite To Sing Beyonce and Raise Money For Charity | 22 Words

Pitch Perfect's Barden Bellas have returned once more for the most wholesome reason, and it's automatically made 2020 a better place...

This video is everything we wanted, and more.

The world has had to deal with some pretty awful things this year.

In fact, it feels like we're all trapped inside the hunger games.  As if coronavirus and killer wasps weren't enough...

One of the worst things happened in Lebanon.

The capital city, Beirut, was recently rocked by a devastating explosion.

The footage was truly horrifying.

Filmed by a witness standing around 10km away from the blast, the mushroom-cloud explosion can be seen rocking nearby buildings, shattering windows, and demolishing everything in its path.

Footage from the explosion's aftermath is equally as terrifying.

People could be seen wandering around, dazed and disoriented, amongst the crumbling builds and smoking rubble.

Since the horrendous blast, some celebrities have been using their platform to raise awareness...

And help raise money for the city.

Including Lebanese-born Mia Khalifa.

Who is auctioning off her famous glasses to raise money for the disaster.

She has been sharing the links to numerous different charities and organizations.

That has been helping the victims get back on their feet.

But that's not all...

Recently, a group of celebrities has come together to make the most amazing video for the cause.

And we're in store for a serious throwback...

The video is everything we need in our lives right now...

Not only does it involve a musical number.

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We also get to hear a bit of Beyonce, and who doesn't want that?

You're in for a real treat.

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All I'm going to say is, the Barden Bellas are back...


They have all reunited and for the best reason...

They have come together to cover a Beyonce song.

To raise money for UNICEF.

Elizabeth Banks, who produced and appeared in the series posted to Instagram...

...A video of the Bellas.

Which included all our favorite cast members...

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Anna Kendrick (Beca), Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy), Anna Camp (Aubrey), Brittany Snow (Chloe), Hailee Steinfeld (Emily), Alexis Knapp (Stacie), Ester Dean (Cynthia Rose), Hana Mae Lee (Lilly), Kelley Alice Jakle (Jessica), Wanetah Walmsley (Denise), and Shelley Regner (Ashley), covering Love On Top.

Banks shared what the money raised would be used for in the comments.

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That is will not only go to UNICEF to help children amid the COVID-19 crisis...

But it will also go to aid Lebanon.

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And those affected by the devastating blast.

She wrote...

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"Pitch Perfect Reunion. Buckle up kids, the Bella’s are back… for a good cause! Families around the globe are suffering from the impact of the #COVID19 pandemic, especially those in Lebanon who are facing crisis after crisis. But we can all pitch in and help. Money raised from the downloads of our rendition of 'Love on Top' will go directly to @UNICEF to help children in Lebanon and around the world who need our support right now."

Check out the video below...

Donations can be made to UNICEF via their website.

Truly the best thing to come out of 2020.

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Keep scrolling to see how much Mia Khalifa is auctioning her famous glasses for in aid of Beirut...