Pixar’s First Gay Main Character Arrives in Beautiful Disney+ Short Film

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When it comes to wholesome viewing, Pixar truly reigns supreme. And today, it seems they’ve made a historic move…

Reactions have been strong, to say the least. Keep scrolling to watch for yourself.

We are seeming more and more LGBTQ+ characters on the big and small screens.

It’s been a long time coming.

From Toy Story to Monsters Inc, we can always rely on Pixar to give us some of the most heartwarming flicks out there.

And who can forget the legend that is Finding Nemo?

We couldn’t leave that one out.

And of course, Pixar isn’t just known for its smash hit feature-length movies…

The studio has a plethora of shorts (aka sparkshorts) that are always guaranteed to hit us right in the feels.

But they actually give us some of the best content to feast our eyes on.

Take Bao or Piper for instance…

And who can forget The Blue Umbrella?

None of them feature an LGBTQ+ main character. C’mon, it’s 2020!

Until now, that is…

The studio debuted it’s latest short featuring a gay main character.

The animation is titled Out.

The short chronicles the story of Greg as he moves in with his boyfriend, Manuel. Keep scrolling to watch for yourself.

Greg hasn’t come out to his parents, who arrive on his doorstep to help with the move.

A pair of fairy god-pets – a doggo and cat who ride in on a rainbow – appear to give him a nudge in the right direction.

As he frantically tries to hide the evidence of his relationship from his mom in this new canine body, he learns some valuable lessons.

But, we wouldn’t expect anything less, would we?

Many are over the moon that Pixar finally have a gay protagonist.

And many took to Twitter to celebrate the fact that the moment is finally here.

And others took a more cynical view on the release: “I would be more in favor of this if it didn’t feel like Disney is agenda farming. While this looks well done and hopefully will have the positive message it needs to, it feels like Disney is just jumping on the LGBTQ bandwagon after the feminism fallout from Star Wars,” wrote one user. 

Many people highlighted that Out is merely a baby step for Disney/Pixar.

Here’s a sneak peek. But how can you watch Out for yourself?

Out is available to stream over on Disney Plus. Pixar recently had viewers in tears after they watched the trailer for the studio’s film, Soul – a movie literally about dying. Keep scrolling to see for yourself…