Pizza Hut Is Offering Stuffed Crust Without the Rest of the Pizza | 22 Words

This is certainly the stuff dreams are made of!

Now, who doesn't love Pizza?

Pizza is a staple of many a person's diet, because it's just so good.

And there are plenty of places to get it.

There are so many chains and restaurants out there that can provide you with that cheesy and tomatoey goodness.

There's Domino's, for example.

A great way to get fast and easy pizza as well as tucking into some of their delicious stuffed crusts. Hamburger crusts though, WTF was all that about?!

Then there's Papa John's.

Another fast way to fulfil your pizza needs. Their garlic dip is the best one out there. Change my mind.

And then, there's Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut offers more than just take-away pizza, it offers the full restaurant experience - making eating pizza an actual social event.

It's a win-win situation...

And again, it involves pizza!

And recently, Pizza Hut has been opening it's doors to more and more people...

Because now, Pizza Hut is offering so much more.

For example, they now do pasta...

Meaning that you don't just have to have pizza there.

And they now provide new vegan-friendly options.

The menu now provides dishes specifically for vegan customers to enjoy.

They even do vegan ice-cream...

Another step forward for the food chain.

But now, they've now launched a new product...

And people are loving the idea.

What's (maybe) even better than pizza?

The stuffed crust, of course! And now, you can indulge in just this bready goodness alone!

Here it is!

It's due to hit very selected stores on January 5th and is only available via phone call orders. Want more fast food news? Scroll on for the McDonald's commercial that's making everybody cry ...