'Pizza Hut Karen' Has Huge Breakdown in Store | 22 Words

A woman in Texas has gone viral this week after she was filmed in a Pizza Hut branch screaming at the employees after she allegedly threw a pizza at one of them...

And her behavior has left people gob-smacked.


The incident happened earlier this week at a Pizza Hut branch in Fort Worth, Texas...


And TikTok user @leenasmiles uploaded footage of the drama onto her account while acknowledging she wasn't the one who filmed it.

It's currently unknown as to what started the commotion...


But the footage shows a very angry woman - who has been referred to as a "Karen" - verbally abusing a member of staff at the takeaway counter.

The video starts with the woman threatening to call "corporate"...


Before it cuts to the woman angrily throwing a pizza box back at a member of staff.

It is believed that the hot pizza burnt the employee on the arm when it hit him.



"You god damn piece of s***," the woman is then heard yelling...


"You don't cuss at me!"

The employee who was hit by the pizza loses his temper and tells the woman to "get the f*** out" and to "call the manager if she wants."

The woman is then heard literally screaming at the man she hit with the pizza, all while stomping her foot on the ground like a child.


2 other members of staff then get involved, desperately trying to calm the woman down.

"I want my pizza remade right now, he threw that at me and I want it remade!! You're cussing at me and calling me a b**** and trying to throw pizza at me!" she screams angrily.

​The woman then pulls the most "Karen" move possible by threatening to contact the manager...


And as she's filming the incident herself on her phone, she shouts to the employees, "your manager is gonna' see this, I wanna' talk to someone higher up."

The manager then tries to cool the situation...


"Calm down. Stop yelling at our employees, and stay behind the counter or else we have to call the cops. That's not optional for us. That's our corporate policy," he's heard saying.

The video ends as the woman is on hold to Pizza Hut's corporation number...


And Pizza Hut are yet to comment on the shocking situation.

You can witness the explosive confrontation here:

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