Plane Passenger Causes Furious Stir With ‘Inconsiderate’ Hair

Flying can be incredibly relaxing, but it can also be extremely infuriating too, especially if passengers around you just aren’t respecting your boundaries.

Things took a bad turn when this plane passenger draped her hair over the back of someone else’s seat…

A plane passenger has faced backlash due to her inconsiderate hair antics.

We all know what it’s like to be infuriated by someone when you’re thousands of feet in the air for hours. And us girls also know what it’s like to be infuriated by our hair too, but in that case, we’d just tie it up, right?

Well, not this woman…

This woman thought it was ideal to sprawl her hair onto the back of her seat, which also served as another passengers tray holder…

When the man behind her took a picture of the scene, putting it on Twitter asking: “Would this p*ss you off?” the account holder going by the name Anthony received 5,000 retweets and over 16,000 comments on the issue.

Take a look at the responses…

“Not for long,” 1 person noted photoshopping scissors into the picture.

I bet she’s glad Mike wasn’t the one sitting behind her, right?

Another person offered a creepier approach…

“Just rub your hands through her hair until she takes it back to her seat,” they said.

And honestly, that would probably work, because I think all girls hate their hair being touched, especially when it’s just been washed.

But let’s not leave this extremely sinister approach out: “Just put some gum in her hair.” Ouch.

I guess these people aren’t for messing about… I’m just glad I’m not that annoying plane person.

Reminder to self: Keep hair in braids when I fly anywhere in the future.