Plans Unveiled for UK Disneyland Set to Open in 2024

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The plans have been unveiled for the United Kingdom’s Disneyland resort that is set to open in 2024 and things are looking very exciting!

Just when we thought Disney couldn’t get any better…

There are currently 6 Disneyland parks spread across the world and the most recent addition in the United Kingdom is looking very exciting!

In 1955, the first-ever Disneyland opened its doors. Nearly half of the United States’ citizens gathered around their black-and-white television sets on July 17th as California’s Disneyland was finally unveiled to the public.

And people were able to get a first, yet slightly grainy, look into the theme park.

After more than 2 decades of planning and a breakneck year of construction, Walt Disney had transformed a 160-acre orange grove in Anaheim, California, into a $17 million theme park. Here, Disneyland was born.

Thousands of people flocked to the park on its opening day.

The theme park expected a crowd of 15,000 people at the invitation-only opening… However, a staggering 28,154 passed through Disneyland’s gates thanks to counterfeit tickets.

Everyone was keen to immediately experience Walt’s creation so the lines were long. And this wasn’t even at the park – cars were backed up for 7 whole miles along the Santa Ana Freeway.

And fast-forwarding over sixty years, the park and all the other Disney locations remain as popular as ever.

But the resorts in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Paris pull in millions of visitors every year.

Millions of guests flock through the gates every year for Disney’s remarkable rides, of course!

And even though Disney has been improving its rollercoaster game more and more over the years, there are many rides that remain to be timeless.

Because the United Kingdom’s very own Disney resort isn’t far from being finished!

And the doors aren’t expected to open until 2024, but the resort – which is so far known as The London Resort – has been planned intricately for the last few years and there are a lot of big ideas.

And proposals for the “evolved masterplan” have now opened for public consultation, with people being urged to comment on the designs.

According to the plans, The London Resort will include 4 hotels – boasting 3,500 rooms – as well as dozens of rides, attractions, entertainment, eSports, and conference venues, across 2 huge theme parks.

Which means the resort will feature rides based on the studio’s films, as well as TV shows from British broadcasters BBC and ITV.

The resort is set to be huge.

Describing the plans earlier this year, the developer behind the scheme said: “When complete, it will be 3 times larger than any other park in the UK. 2 theme parks and a resort water park will be set over 535 acres, the equivalent of 136 Wembley Stadiums.”

“A bespoke entertainment district, including the provision of 3,500 hotel rooms, will be devoted to a full-suite of hospitality experiences. There will be something for every generation and food and drink for every taste.”

“But it’s the rides and the experiences which will take The London Resort to another level. Brands from across literature, television, music, film and entertainment, are being hand-picked to create unique experiences never previously imagined.”

And thrill-seekers are eager to receive more information on these highly-anticipated rides.

Which is what makes the revelation of this resort even more exciting!

But it will be totally worth it for all of those excited Brits! Keep on reading for more details on why Disney decided to rename one of their oldest attractions…