Who remembers Planters Cheez Balls? Oh, that's right. Every '90s kid. I remember coming home from school, digging my hand around in that cannister and delightedly jamming as many of them into my mouth at once as possible.

Then, tragically, in the early 2000s, these delicious bright orange snacks simply disappeared from shelves. Sure, there are Cheetos, and Pirate's Booty and other various off-brand cheese puff snacks, but none of them have that specific taste, texture, and crunch of a Planters Cheez Ball.

But our prayers have been answered, folks. Planters heard our pleas and they're bringing Cheez Balls back. All I can say is thank goodness.

You remember the canister, right?

via: Planters

Classic. Understated. A pillar of cheesy elegance. The pinnacle of after-school snacks. The kind of treat the granola-loving moms hated.

Since Planters pulled our cheesy treats off the shelves in the 2000s, there have been numerous petitions to get them back. Even Facebook groups and public declarations of cheesy adoration.

Look how freaking happy this guy is!

And now that they can, people are stocking up.

We honestly love that Planters understands what a nostalgia play this is. Their website reads, "You asked; we answered. Cheez Balls are back and just as amazing as you remember. If your life isn’t covered in orange cheesy dust, you’re missing out. Go get that one-of-a-kind delicious, orange cheezy taste today." The canister is described as a "resealable canister so you can pretend like you aren’t going to open it again 2 seconds later." Kinda feels like they're taunting us, but I'm not mad. So what about other nostalgic treats from days past?

Remember Twinkies? Well, now you can buy Twinkie-flavored coffee.

Hostess made its own coffee that is flavored like Twinkies. Would you try it? I mean, coffee? Delicious. Twinkies? Delicious! Seems like a win-win to me.

S'mores caddy

Target sells this awesome s'mores caddy for your next camping trip. Before you get too excited, just know that the actual s'mores materials are not included.

But it has sections ready for ya.

via: Target

It perfectly fits your chocolate bars and graham crackers and has a whole carton you can fill with marshmallows. This is way better than trying to reach into a sticky bag while propping your stick up so it doesn't fall into the fire.

Stuffed Puffs

Speaking of s'mores, the marshmallow powers that be decided to make your s'mores-making lives super easy with these marshmallows that are stuffed with chocolate. Heck yeah, I'm all about this! That chocolate gets melty, the marshmallow gets charred... My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Coffee gummies

This genius company wants to be able to give you the jolt of a cup of coffee without having to drink the hot stuff. Sometimes, you're in for a long car trip and you can't afford the liquid if you know what I mean. That's where coffee gummy bears come in! The next few are out of this world...

Disney treats

Disney World is known for its wack-a-doo treat offerings, and this insane Minnie Mouse milkshake is no exception. I don't know how you could eat this and then go on rides, but that's just me.

Caramel-popcorn-coated churro

Can I get a "Heck yes!" for this insanely delicious-looking churro? Disney knows what's up when it comes to sweet treats. But the latest thing available at Epcot that has people actually losing their minds is...

Boozy popsicles

That's right! There are a few places that serve booze around Disney World, and Epcot is one of them. They are now serving these delectable-looking boozy popsicle treats in a variety of flavors, so on a hot summer day in the park, you can simultaneously cool down and get drunk! What could be better?

Reese's Ice Cream Cake

Reese's has released its fair share of peanut butter/chocolate innovations, but this ice cream cake might, well, take the cake! It looks absolutely delicious.

Spreadable avocado

OK, so this one might be a joke, but I could totally see a real company trying to release this. The next one also seems like a joke, but I assure you, it's not...

KFC gravy candle

This is a candle. That smells like gravy. I don't want this. I'm going to go out on a limb and say you don't want this either. KFC, what were you thinking?

Champagne ice cubes

Now, this is an idea I can get behind! The newest brunch cocktail trend is to make ice cubes out of champagne. This way, your ice won't water down your mimosa...it will make it stronger instead!

Cakes for one

You may look at Duncan Hines' cake mix kits for one and think, "Huh, you'd have to be a really lonely person to buy that?" Or you may look at them and think, "Yes. This is for me. I like. I want." If you're in the first camp, your mind might change when you see the next one...

Unicorn cake for one

The colors! The sparkles! How could anyone resist this cake unicorn cake mix kit for one? I want one right now, and it's 10 in the morning!

Watermelon Freeze

Taco Bell's most Instagrammable summer treat is back, baby! The Watermelon Freeze even looks like watermelon because it comes filled with candy seeds! The next one is honestly ridiculous...

CBD burger

Carl's Jr. is hopping on the cannabis train with its CBD burger. I just don't know what to say about this. This is one of those crazy trends that I don't think will be around for much longer.

Chocolate penis

via: Dick at Your Door

Never fear! I know you've always wanted to send a chocolate penis to your friends, and now you can. I personally really love the floral box it comes in.

Chocolate anus

If the penis thing is just too much chocolate for you, don't worry. You can also make a mold of your anus and send your best friend (or your worst enemy) chocolates in the shape of your actual butthole.

Bread pillow

via: Amazon

I don't think I've ever wanted anything more in my entire life. This giant pillow looks just like a huge fluffy French bread roll. I've often thought about the perfect food to sleep on, and a fluffy roll might be it.

Dole Whip margarita

In case you thought Disney was done impressing you with their boozy options, you can now get a frozen margarita made with Dole Whip. It's like all your dreams came true in one drink. The next one could be seriously addictive...

Birthday Cake Cool Whip

Does this Cool Whip actually taste like birthday cake? Well it's pink and has colored sprinkles throughout, so it doesn't really matter, does it? But people love it.


Heinz has released a mixture of ketchup and ranch. The only problem is that they called it Kranch. KRANCH. That's disgusting. On all the levels. In case you aren't sufficiently grossed out yet, peep these...
they also released Mayocue, an unthinkable combo of mayonnaise and BBQ sauce that begs the question, "Why? Who does that?" and Mayomust, a mayo/mustard combo that makes more sense but still grosses me out.

Impossible Whopper

It seems like Burger King was the first of the fast food chains to embrace the meatless Impossible Burger, and this is a trend I can get behind. While I don't think it tastes just like the real thing, it is a great veggie alternative for those trying to cut back on meat for whatever reason.

Boozy lollipops

I love lollipops. And I would love them even more if they were boozy, like this one. This is a whole lollipop kit, complete with sweet gel and sugary powder, so it's basically like boozy Fun Dip, and I am here for it! The next one is also great...

Boozy gummies

These yummy gummy candies are filled with booze, so you can snack and get wasty at the same time! Yas please!

Peanut butter pump

This is a perfect innovation and I can't believe we haven't thought of it sooner. You could pump peanut butter straight onto your bread or your apple with this thing. It's annoying to have to use a knife every time you want some of the good stuff.


This is a little bit genius but also kind of scary. It's an ice cream brand that is also a sleep aid. So you can eat your after-dinner treat and it will put you right to sleep.


IHOP went off the rails on National Pizza Day and started selling giant pancakes in pizza boxes. They called them Pancizzas, which is maybe the worst name for anything I have ever heard.

Boozy ice cream

Häagen Dazs knows what it's doing. It started offering a whole bunch of different ice creams that weren't just flavored like drinks, but they were actually boozy. The next one is actually amazing...

Pickle bouquet

Do you hate flowers? Do you even just slightly prefer pickles? Then you should tell your significant other or your friend or yourself to get you this bouquet of pickles. You're welcome.

Ketchup caviar

You know what? I'm going to reserve judgment. I think this is horrifying, but I also thought ketchup leather was gross, and it turned out to work very well.

Mac and cheese bucket

via: Costco

Costco sells this giant bucket of mac and cheese that contains 180 servings. And people say it's actually quite yummy. So there you go. That's the world we live in.

Ranch keg

Why not couple your mac and cheese bucket with a keg of ranch? The world is ending. We all need to drown our sorrows in salad dressing.

Most Stuf Oreos

I love Oreos. But I can't eat Double-Stuf. They're so gross. Too much filling. So these would absolutely ruin me. Regular Oreos and Oreo Thins got the ratio right, and we should stop now. Share this with your foodie friends!