'Plus-Size' Squirrel Spotted Enjoying McDonald's Cheeseburger | 22 Words

Animals have started to readjust to us humans being back on the streets. And one particularly chonky squirrel lucked out after hanging around a local McDonalds.

As you can imagine, wildlife in certain areas has got used to not having us humans around...

And as lockdown starts to ease, one chonky squirrel decided to make the most out of our return.

And it sets the vibe for 2020 perfectly...

I've eaten wayy too much in quarantine too.

Coronavirus is currently still on everyone's minds.

Since December 2019, the outbreak of the virus has brought our world to a standstill, it feels like years since everything was normal.

And the panic isn't dying down just yet.

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After it was confirmed that the virus had originated from the sale and consumption of wild animals, thoughts turned towards our own furry friends.

Some virus strains are common in certain types of animals...

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But this hasn't stopped the hysteria over our beloved pets catching the virus.

A few months ago, rumors began to spread that cats and dogs could catch the virus...

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And with us humans being as over-protective as we are, people went to extreme lengths to protect their beloved pets.

Some people made makeshift facemasks for their pets...

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And this poor little cat went viral on Twitter after it's anonymous owner did this to the confused feline. Unacceptable, we must say.

But things began to get worse...

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Last month, reports came in that out of panic of catching the virus, owners in China threw their pets from rooftops.

This came from the false information being spread that cats and dogs could pass on the virus.

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5 cats were thrown to their deaths in Shanghai, and 1 dog was found dead in Tianjin City in the Hebei Province.

Even though all animals carry the risk of spreading infections and viruses...

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It has been confirmed that there has been no evidence at all to suggest that any animals, including pets, livestock, or wildlife, might be a source of infection.

It is important to stay healthy, of course...

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So it has been further recommended to wash hands at all times when around pets and other animals, and to take pets for regular check-ups at the vets.

But there has been an unexpected upside to the pandemic.

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As humans stay indoors and stop consuming and polluting, nature has started to heal. Just look at these fish in a Venice canal!

Swans came back too!

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It was truly amazing to see.

And that's not all.

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Tons of turtles managed to hatch on this beach, undisturbed by human activity.

Even more amusingly?

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In a town in Wales, UK, a bunch of mountain goats came to visit.

Crazy stuff.

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It seems animals are really benefiting from this lockdown.

But the latest animal return might be the cutest yet.

Because it involves a seriously plus-sized squirrel.

A chubby squirrel has become an internet sensation after it was spotted chomping down on a burger.

Thirty-six-year-old Jamie Walton spotted the strange sight next to a McDonald’s in Florida.

Video footage shows that the burger is essentially the same size as the squirrel.

"I pulled into a parking space and it was a few feet from my door," Walton said. "I thought it was funny and people have found it amusing."

The squirrel has been racking up views, with people all over the world showing their love for the rodent.

One viewer said, "I think I’ve found my spirit animal." Some people thought that the squirrel could be pregnant, although Walton denied that.

It's known that squirrels can eat meat when hungry, they've even been spotted eating small birds, snakes, and other rodents.

"There have been many comments saying the squirrel is pregnant," Walton said. "It is not typical for them to give birth this time of year, but I am not an expert."

Walton also added that they will "eat anything available."

She's got a point. Keep scrolling for more animal news...