Summer is well and truly in full swing and that can only mean one thing: It is officially swimsuit season. Women of all shapes and sizes have taken to TikTok to show us that 2021 is not the year for insecurities or baggy tees at the beach. It's time to strip down into the cutest bikini you own and flaunt it like you mean it.

And guess who's giving us the inspiration we need right now? Our plus-sized babes.

They've taken to social media to stand against beauty standards that force women over a size 8 to shy away from showing a bit of skin, even when it's over 80°F. And did we mention they look uh-ma-zing?

The trend was originally started by Randi Bosin AKA @MrsBosin on TikTok. In the viral video, she showed herself in the outfit she'd always worn to the beach, a baggy red tee, long shorts, and a cap looking pretty uncomfortable and then the camera pans to her in a cute ass black two-piece bikini with the caption: "I'll never be ashamed again."

Queen behavior.

Speaking to Insider, the body-positivity advocate discussed her journey to self-love, saying it wasn't an easy ride.

"I was in a bad place ten years ago after having two babies. I was not amused by my body, my lack of motivation and metabolism," she said. "But I always tell people that the self-love journey is long and it's never-ending. I'm not always confident every single day, but I'm still here."

Upon seeing the trend, other plus-sized girls joined in.

While Randi is providing other women with inspiration, she said she got hers from Lizzo. Singer and body-positivity advocate, Lizzo, has been a modern pioneer in the movement, using her platform to change the stereotypes around bigger and curvier women. And she's doing a damn good job at that.

So, the next time you're heading to the beach, or you're on vacation, channel your inner Randi and give yourself, as well as your body, the love you deserve.

And I'm going to end this with some extra advice from the queen herself, Lizzo: "BREAK OUT THE BIKINIS. FABS ON DECK H**! BIG FAT A** PURRRRRRRRRRRRR."