P!nk has absolutely roasted Donald Trump after he held a half empty rally earlier this week.

In just one tweet, P!nk completely destroyed the president...

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Pink is one of the biggest pop stars of the past twenty years.

She was born Alecia Beth Moore in Doylestown, Pennsylvania in 1979, which makes her forty years old.

She has had an impressively long career.

She first rose to fame in the girl-group Choice in 1995, when she was just sixteen. Record producers quickly saw her potential for solo stardom and they wasted no time in snatching her right up.

Pink's first solo studio album came out in the year 2000.

The album, titled Can't Take Me Home, was certified double-platinum in the U.S. It included 2 top-ten hits, "There You Go" and "Most Girls." Not bad for the tender age of twenty-one!

She has gone on to have massive career success.

She's sold over 90 million records worldwide, making her one of the best selling musical acts of all time.

The singer is well known for her emotional vocals...

She often uses a slightly strained, husky tone to convey the feeling of her music, and she's also known for being an amazingly energetic live performer. This is why fans love her so much!

But it's safe to say that her wacky appearances have contributed to this huge fame.

She first captured press attention as a result of her wild and wacky outfits, including her eponymous "pink" hair. This incredible style was for the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards, and it certainly turned heads.

She has always rocked short hair cuts...

And even though some of them were rather questionable, Pink totally owned it.

Her crazy styles have toned down a little in recent years...

And especially now that Pink is a mom to her 2 young children, Willow and Jameson Moon, she seems to have taken on a more natural look - which she rocks, by the way.

But one thing that hasn't changed over the years is her outspoken nature.

She isn't one to sit quietly if she disagrees with something, as she has been overtly critical of issues such as celebrity culture, misogyny, animal cruelty and homophobia.

Her 2006 single "Stupid Girls" was particularly provocative.

The lyrics and accompanying video parodied the biggest celebrities of the age, including Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, and Paris Hilton.

And last year, Pink boldly spoke of her decision to allow her daughter to identify as gender-neutral...

As long as her daughter is happy, that is all that matters. Huge respect.

But in light of recent events...

Pink has decided to not allow fans to speak offensively and she has called one out directly on social media.

Let's start from the beginning...

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis three weeks ago sparked outrage all around the world, and the #blacklivesmatter hashtag has been trending more than ever along with hundreds of thousands flocking to the streets to protest against police brutality.

Many famous faces have been speaking out about George's death...

Including Pink, who posted this touching Instagram post.

The singer has been using her Instagram page, which has 7.9 million followers, to raise awareness about police brutality and racism.

Which is exactly what all people with a large following should be doing.

Many other famous people have been using their platforms to raise awareness of racism and white privilege in our country...

Including eighteen-year-old Billie Eilish, who posted a lengthy Instagram post slamming those who have been using the #alllivesmatter trend.

She slammed people for having "white privilege"...

And she also accused white people of "always making things about themselves," even though racism is an ongoing issue here in America.

Even though the young singer was generally praised for calling out these individuals...

There were many calling her out for the use of #blacklivesmatter, claiming that black people aren't the only ones in danger. Which is, by the way, unbelievable that people think this.

But one comment really stood out from the rest.

One user appeared to suggest that police brutality shouldn't be put in the "Black Lives Matter category" because it "could happen to any one of us."

Luckily for Billie, Pink was on hand and she decided to address the user personally.

"You are the epitome of white privilege and the saddest part is that you don't even hear yourself and probably never will," she wrote. Wow, is all we can say.

But the singer wasn't finished there...

Pink continued to call out users leaving rude and ignorant comments and it's hard to deny that she well and truly put them in their places.

So many people are out there talking absolute nonsense...

And Pink is here to make that known.

It's time for people to start taking this matter seriously...

White privilege is very much a thing and the #blacklivesmatter movement is now more important than ever.

P!nk isn't afraid to voice her opinions.

And for that reason, I've got a lot of respect for her. She's not afraid to offend her fanbase and call them out when they're wrong.

Now she's called out a huge name.

And that man is none other than President Donald Trump. P!nk has absolutely roasted him.

He hosted a half-empty rally.

The president hosted the event at the 19,000-capacity BOK Centre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after claiming it would draw in close to one million supporters. But the rally was hijacked.

K-Pop fans hijacked the tickets.

They registered thousands of fake tickets so that other people could not attend the rally. And photos from the event show countless empty seats.

P!nk said:

I think I sold that same place out in five minutes. Donkey show

Feel the burn.

I wouldn't be surprised if Trump hit back soon enough. Stay tuned folks.