Polar Bear Hunters Pose With Kills and Encourage More to Take Part | 22 Words

In a world that is quickly dying because of climate change, (yes, it exists!), you would think that humans would try their best to preserve what they have. But I think that might be asking for too much.

Instead, it seems as if some people are happily aiding in the destruction of the planet by hunting animals that are already on the verge of extinction.

Polar bears are rapidly decreasing in numbers due to hunters killing them for their own amusement. I must warn you that this article will contain some gruesome photographs showing just how callous humans can be...

Animal experts claim that there has been a rise in the number of polar bears being hunted.

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Trophy hunters are known for their cruel practices, murdering some of nature's most amazing animals for their own personal gratitude.

The list includes elephants, lions and more recently, polar bears.

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Clearly, no animal is off-limits to these vile killers. From the hottest places in the world to the coldest, it seems as if trophy hunters will span the length of the planet in order to get what they want.

Social media platforms have been plagued with snaps of dead animals.

And they're not even ashamed of the heinous crimes they have committed. Instead, it's all a game to them, where the winner is congratulated for being the best killer. How disgusting.

Recently, this particular story sparked global outrage.

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A hunter named Ron Thomson has shamelessly claimed on his website that he has killed over 5,000 elephants, 800 lions, and sixty lions amongst many others. His gallery contains various disturbing shots taken over the past fifty years of him and others with the corpses of wild animals.

And it didn't end there...

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When questioned about his long list of "achievements", he said that he had "no regrets" about any of them.

He also said that Western conservationists spread "lies" about the practice.

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All we know, Thomson, is that you've killed thousands of nature's finest animals and documented the process like it's something to be proud of - and we're really not here for it.

These supermarket owners also lost their store after their vile photos went viral.

This horrible picture was posted to Facebook by a French couple, Jacques and Martine Alboud, who thought it would be a good idea to parade their "achievements" online.

Thankfully, it all backfired on them when the photos started gaining negative press.

After posting a series of photos showing them standing over the dead bodies of dead animals including a lion, a zebra, and a hippo, which they both killed during a safari, the couple was forced to retire their positions in the franchise.

It's people like the ones I have mentioned above, that are adding to a global crisis.

The number of wild animals is rapidly decreasing, with lions, elephants and polar bears being the most widely affected.

Climate change is already destroying the animals' survival rates.

But it seems as if trophy hunters are beyond caring about that. All they're out here to do is kill and then shamelessly expose themselves on social media as if it's something to be proud of.

And polar bears are at the forefront of the devastating effects.

Recently, experts claim that the number of polar bears being hunted on organized trips in Canada which can cost up to 44,000 dollars has drastically increased.

Trophy hunters are traveling to the country in hopes that they'll get lucky.

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The issue has become extremely serious. In the past few years, over 5,000 polar bears have been killed for "fun".

Why is this?

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Since the United States made it illegal to hunt polar bears in every state except for Alaska, people have been traveling to Canada, where it is still legal to engage in such violent activities.

"If we want to see them survive, we need to stop the senseless slaughter."

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Eduardo Gonçalves, from the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, has spoken against this, saying "the ­Government should ban im­­­ports of all hunting trophies right away." Illegal trophy imports have been a motivation for this kind of activity, as the market for polar bears seems to be popular amongst traders.

The skin of the mammal is used for decoration.

All this killing for a new rug? Disgusting.

And the internet just couldn't understand what possesses a person to take part in hunting.

Twitter users took to the platform to express their disgust towards people that engage in such violent activity.

"What a useless excuse for a human being."

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We quite agree.

And M. Angie expressed what she hopes the consequences will be for these people.

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We don't have any sympathy for killers, either.

Gonçalves expressed why we need to pay more attention to this issue.

"As well as dwindling food resources because of shrinking sea ice, they face threats from oil and gas drilling, toxic waste pollution, new diseases as a result of global warming, and busier shipping lanes."

Animal rights campaigns have long been campaigning for laws on the issue to get stricter but progress is slow.

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The last thing polar bears need is for trophy hunters to go around shooting them for fun just so they can pose for a selfie with the corpse. What kind of achievement is that, anyway? Let's hope the world can gain some sense before it's too late.