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Police Academy actress and Broadway star, Marion Ramsey has tragically passed away.

She was seventy-three-years-old...

Of course, fans have been left devastated by the sad news...

And tributes have poured in from all over the world.

Now, many of us know her for her passion for performing.

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Marion Ramsey was born on May 10, 1947, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and managed to earn herself roles in theatre, which eventually progressed to film.

She started out featuring in many shows...

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This included the likes of Hello, Dolly!, Harold Prince's Grind with Ben Vereen, and Eubie! with Gregory and Maurice Hines.

Her agent said Ramsey was "particularly proud" about Broadway's Dreamgirls...

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As it became a major motion picture in 2006 because of the impact the performance had on audiences. She was also one of the original girls in the Broadway show the later, the character in the movie was based on. What a moment that must have been for her.

But one of her most notable roles saw her take on Officer Hooks.

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Back in 1976, she appeared as a guest in the hit sitcom The Jeffersons and that helped her land the role of Officer Hooks in Police Academy.

She appeared in 6 of the movies in total which made her a star in the franchise.

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So of course, fans were upset when she was left out of one of them completely, but we won't talk about that. Today is sad enough.

Her management at Roger Paul Inc said this in a statement:

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"Her passion for performing and sharing her heart with the world was immense.

They continued:

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"Marion carried with her a kindness and permeating light that instantly filled a room upon her arrival. "The dimming of her light is already felt by those who knew her well. We will miss her, and always love her."

Her management also revealed to the BBC some details about her health prior to her death.

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"...She died at her Los Angeles home on Thursday morning," the news outlet wrote.

A representative also added this:

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"Ramsey had recently fallen ill, but did not give a cause of death."

All we do know is that she will be missed dearly.

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RIP Marion Ramsey. Right now, it seems as though 2021 is just a continuation of 2020, with how many icons the world is losing. Keep scrolling to see who else we tragically lost in the past twelve months...