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Earlier this week, Gwent Police had to take down a mugshot that they had posted on Facebook of a man that they wanted to get hold of in connection with supplying drugs.

Social media is increasingly being used by the police as a tool to track down criminals. I mean, I guess it makes sense - they're more likely to find someone through Facebook than they are sticking a mugshot up on the community center notice board.

Still, posting mugshots on social media is asking for trouble, right?

Seeing social media being used for police work somehow feels wrong, kinda like seeing your high school teacher at a bar...

So it's no surprise that, when Welsh force, Gwent Police, posted the mugshot in the hope of locating Jermaine Taylor, the comments didn't stick to strictly police business.

Not everyone can look as fine as Frank Sinatra did in his mugshot...

Seduction indeed!

Justin Bieber has been known to pull off a decent mugshot.

Posting his mugshots to his own social media account, Justin warned fans that "jail is not a cool place to." I wonder what the statistics for teenage girls shoplifting were every time Justin landed in a cell. I'd wager that they spiked dramatically.

Mugshot fashion.


Bieber looked so good in his mugshots that people wanted to get the mugshot emblazoned onto hoodies, tote bags, tees... You name it, there's probably a version of it with Justin Bieber's mugshot on it somewhere. A mug with Justin Bieber's mug on! Genius.

After ASAP Rocky was arrested in Sweden, one question was on everyone's minds...

Where's the mugshot at? (I need me a new hoodie.)

Lindsey Lohan takes a good mugshot.

I'd say that it's just good lighting, but I've seen plenty of bad mugshots, so maybe Lindsey is just that photogenic...


Lindsey's mugshots have been so iconic that Lohan fan (I presume?), Karla Cabello, has had them framed and hung on the walls of her home. I didn't go to my graduation - I think I'd much rather have Lohan's mugshots hanging on the wall than an awkward pic of myself holding a scroll.

Can celebrities take a bad mugshot?

Maybe that's how you can distinguish a normal person from a celebrity. Maybe they should make a talent show and, rather than performing a song or dance, the contestants get their mugshot taken each week and get voted through accordingly. Looking for a new reality tv show to host, @LindseyLohan? I've got you covered.

How cute does Haley Joel Osment look in his mugshot!

He was pulled over and done for DUI and drug possession back in 2006, but who could cuff this sweet little angel?

The "Hot Fellon."

Do you remember in 2004, when a guy called Jeremy Meeks was scouted by a modeling agency because of his mugshot?

Jeremy Meeks' mugshot changed his entire life.

Not only did his mugshot land Meeks a $1 million dollar modeling contract, but the ex-felon hooked up with billionaire heiress (daughter of the disgraced Topshop tycoon, Phillip Green), Chloe Green, and the couple had a son together.

I guess, for some people, having their mugshot shared on social is a good thing...

It certainly gave Jeremy Meeks a fresh start...

Forget a modeling portfolio, you just need a decent mugshot.

Twitter user, @quenblackwell, joked about taking a fake mugshot in the hope of getting scouted by a model agency.

It doesn't seem as though Jermaine Taylor will be making a modeling debut anytime soon, though.

South Wales Police force, Gwent Police, really had no idea that the post about Taylor would cause such a stir. But, unlike in the case of Jeremy Meeks, this mugshot did not blow up because of Taylor's modeling potential.

"He was last seen in town. Police are combing the area."

After the police posted the picture of Taylor on Facebook, hundreds of users flooded the comment box with wisecracks about his hairstyle.

"What is it with prisoners released on license, hair today gone tomorrow........."

The hair-gags kept on coming and, rather than helping the police with their inquiry, the general public turned the post into a place to share their hair-related humor.

"Who done his hair? Moses?"

One commentator joked that the felon's hair parting was reminiscent of Moses' parting of the red sea.

"21 year old?? That was one windy paper run."

The post made by Gwent Police had informed the public that Taylor was twenty-one-years-old. This was a surprise to many who commented, who considered that to be quite a young age to start losing one's hair.

In fairness to Jermaine, everyone's hair looks a mess when you take your cap off.

via: Facebook/ Jermaine Taylor

Jermaine Taylor is a cap-wearer and was presumably wearing a cap when he was arrested. If they had let him wear his cap for his mugshot, none of this would have happened. Hat hair is the worst, right?

Gwent Police put an end to the roasting.

But not until the post had garnered a staggering 84,000 comments and 14,000 shares.

Not only did they take the post down, but they also warned those that had commented.

It seems that Gwent police take social media very seriously.

"We're really grateful to everyone who is assisting us in locating Jermaine Taylor, and we must admit a few of these comments have made us laugh...."

But? There's always a but...

"However, when the line is crossed from being funny to abusive, we do have to make sure we are responsible and remind people to be careful about what they write on social media."

And they didn't stop there. It just got more serious as they went on... kind of like how your mom asking you to pick up your dirty socks can escalate into an epic row about how you never respect her and are the most ungrateful person to ever walk this planet. (Your mom, I mean... not my mom. My mom's great. Hi Mom.)

"Please remember that harassing, threatening and abusing people on social media can be against the law..."

"Our advice is to be as careful on social media as you would in any other form of communication. If you say something about someone which is grossly offensive or is of an indecent, obscene or menacing character, then you could be investigated by the police."

Can the police really arrest people for posting jokey comments on their page?

Honestly, I think that if Gwent Police don't want people to leave silly comments on their posts, they shouldn't post them in the first place. Or perhaps mute the comments and encourage people to contact them directly if they have seen the felon.

Cyber policing cyber jokers.

Let's face it, the comments left under the Gwent Police post weren't exactly threatening - the responders were mostly dishing out dad jokes. I think that the real "bully" in this situation- if there was one - would be Gwent Police themselves for throwing someone into the public eye like that. Jermaine had previously served time, in 2017, for drug-related charges, but whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? This time around, they were only looking to question him. Who's to say whether or not he did what they suspected him of doing? By posting his picture, the police vilified him and sparked the nasty comments. I mean, think of the guy's family! Personally, I think that the police are better staying off socials before they get themselves into trouble! Up for giggling at a few more mugshots? Keep scrolling!