Police Find Pool of Sharks Swimming Around a Christmas Tree in an Apartment

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When police attended an apartment after reports of a disturbance in Sussex, United Kingdom, they weren’t expecting to find a pool of sharks swimming around a Christmas tree, that’s for sure…

Sussex Police recieved reports of a disturbance, and found a shark-infested pool instead.

Whether it was the large lodgers or another type of disturbance, it’s definitely going to make for a juicy anecdote at Christmas parties, and any other party after that.

The ground floor apartment was certainly weirder than most.

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Inspector Darren Taylor said that his team visited a house over the weekend after receiving reports of a disturbance, but the team found it a little odd, or fishy, as some would refer to it, when they stepped into the front room to be greeted by an indoor swimming pool and live sharks…
But there is no information yet as to how many sharks are currently in the Sussex property, or how big they are.

And if having sharks in your living room isn’t weird enough…

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There was also a decoration in the middle of the pool that made the situation all the more bizarre.
Taylor said: “Team attended a premise over the weekend, only to discover an 8ft swimming pool in the front room.

“In the swimming pool were small sharks swimming around and an artificial Christmas tree in the middle! I kid you not!”

And so, the police are now speaking to the housing association…

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They might make a good pet for guarding the house, but if they’re not allowed within the tenancy agreement, then something is definitely a little off.

But until then…

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It looks like the sharks are here to stay!

Go on, give us your best shark puns…