Police In Dubai Have Discovered Over 3,000 Abandoned Luxury Cars For the Most Bizarre Reason | 22 Words

One look at these dusty luxury and sports cars and you might think that a volcano or extinction-level-event took over the area, but the answer is, fortunately, less morbid, but no less bizarre.

Every year, the police in Dubai come across all sorts of expensive automobiles, abandoned by their owners at airports, parking lots, and even on the street.

The cars range from the more "pedestrian" BMWs and Mercedes to exotics like Lamborghinis, Bugattis, and Maybachs.

Here's a Ferrari Enzo worth well over $1 million that was left at the airport and never claimed. So what's going on?

Well, many Muslim countries, including the UAE, where Dubai is, observe Sharia law, which is governed by religious principles.

And one of those principles includes a mandate to pay all debts incurred by a person, and often a business.

There's no bankruptcy protection in countries that observe Sharia law. You either pay your debts or you risk going to jail.

So when things are going well in the flashy world of Dubai, people stock up on luxury cars and often carry debt that they can't afford to pay when things go south.

So rather than stick around and face the music, they high-tail it out of the UAE to avoid criminal prosecution for the inability to make car, mortgage, or credit card payments.

That's why so many of these cars are found at the airport, the last stop before their owners flee.

Both foreigners and locals abandon the cars, which are then auctioned off for pennies on the dollar, since used, abandoned luxury cars aren't exactly a hot ticket.

If the owner doesn't respond to a notification within 15 days of the authorities finding the car, it's impounded.

As gas prices bottom out, this bizarre trend shows no signs of slowing down.

While it's a sign of reckless financial behavior to overextend oneself like this...

It's not hard to see why the owners would cut and run when they have no method of repayment. I'm sure it makes for one impressive impound lot, though.