Police Investigating Popeyes Drive-Thru After They Refused To Serve White People

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Popeyes is one of the most popular fast food joints in the US, but police are now investigating…

Why? Because they refused to serve white people apparently.

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If there’s one thing the restaurant chain, Popeyes, can do well, it’s fried chicken. The New Orleans original recipe fried chicken chain has been feeding hungry Americans since 1972.

I mean, if it’s so popular, it must have something special in it, right?

According to Popeyes’ website, this is exactly what a Popeyes chicken sandwich involves: “A tender all-white meat chicken breast fillet, marinated in an authentic blend of Louisiana seasonings, then hand battered and breaded in our all new buttermilk coating. Served with crisp barrel cured pickles and Classic or Spicy Mayonnaise, served on a warm and toasted buttery brioche bun.”

I mean, I don’t know about you, but having yet to try one of these insanely good chicken sandwiches yet myself, the secrets as to why they’re so good are still a mystery to me! Frankly, the sound of “crisp barrell-cured pickles” certainly caught my attention.

The two fried chicken chains have not exactly been quiet about their rivalry and fans of the two restaurants have felt as though they have had to pick a side. Just like with the Cola and Pepsi wars, this year, we’ve been asking: who does the best fried chicken sandwich?

Beyonce has certainly made her allegiance to the fried chicken joint clear throughout the years. I wonder if she got to try one of the legendary chicken sandwiches…

Even after she made the big time, Beyonce had a “Jenny-from-the-block” moment when she professed that she and her Destiny’s Child bandmates would stay the same, “still like Popeyes chicken.” Iconic.

The chain has already displayed a level of arrogance equivalent to Kim K publishing a book of her own selfies… Can a fried chicken restaurant chain be considered cocky?

In response to Wendy’s making the claim that they have the best chicken sandwich, Popeyes responded by accusing them of “looking thirsty…” easy tiger!

In response to Chik-fil-A Twitter post about its original chicken burger, Popeyes wrote “Y’all good,” – the smugness of the competitor oozing out of each letter.

The chicken wars have been taken out onto the streets, with the two competitors @ing each other through cryptic signposts. In this example, a Popeyes restaurant makes the point that people need to eat on Sundays. This is a direct finger up to Chick-fil-A, given that all of their signs say “closed on Sundays.” In response, following Popeyes running out of chicken burgers, Chick-fil-A hit back with “FYI We don’t run out of chicken sandwiches.” Burn.

Who knows? Maybe the chicken sandwich wars of 2019 will go down in history… The fact that Popeyes has been cleared out does make it seems like something serious is going on.

People committed to getting themselves one of the last Popeyes chicken sandwiches, as news spread that their numbers were depleted, really did make a sacrifice. Lining for hours just for the chance of maybe getting one of these legendary chicken sandwiches sure indicates that these bad boys are hella good.

According to Twitter user, Ava Alfonso, Popeyes Chicken sandwich is certainly worth the hype. Even waiting for hours in a hot car as the drive-thru line edges ever so closer to the Popeyes ordering window? Yes. Still worth it.

Maybe there’s something Godly about this chicken sandwich…

Everybody wants to know what they taste like.

Sadly for Omar, he might never know what the fried chicken sandwiches taste like. His attempt to find out on Twitter was mistaken for a pick-up line. Can you imagine? “Umm, awkward but I do actually just want to know about the fried chicken…”

The chain explained that they had no idea that the sandwiches would be so popular and thus they did not prepare for the high demand. They have promised that they will try to bring the sandwiches back as soon as possible. They’re even offering fans of the sandwich an app that will keep them informed on the progress of the sandwiches’ return…

Some people think that the chicken sandwich tracking app might be a step too far… frankly, they sound like people who are yet to try the legendary Popeyes chicken sandwich…

New Orleans writer, Clint Smith, has joked that he’ll have to settle for his daughter’s plastic chicken until the Popeyes sandwich returns. It seems like people are willing to wait, rather than go to Popeyes’ rivals. Like I said earlier, people are taking sides in this fried chicken war…

It looks unreal…

Last year, Popeyes made headlines after selling out of seven weeks worth of chicken in two weeks which means that there must have been an incredible amount of foot traffic in the restaurants this past fortnight.
The public’s hunger for these chicken sandwiches has certainly put a strain on the Popeyes workforce. This has been so apparent that other chains have rallied together to offer freebies to the workers. It’s good to see the hospitality staff looking out for each other.

And, with the fried chicken wars, it has been no different. The staff at Popeyes are probably incredibly glad for this momentary ceasefire while they reload their weapons.

One family even used the Popeyes hype to encourage people to vote.

A North Carolina family turned up at an absolutely packed Popeyes restaurant, with people lining out the door in an attempt to get their hands on one of the last sandwiches.

Son, David, along with his mom, Stephanie Sneed, took to the crowds outside Popeyes to ask for people to register to vote.

Do you remember Popeyes’ loaded chicken wrap? Now those were tasty. But just like with the fried chicken sandwich, all good things must come to an end… the chain stopped serving them in 2012, oww.

There’s nothing worse than having to repeat yourself, and with customers in denial about the chicken sandwiches’ absence, Popeyes workers are going to have their work cut out being patient with the chicken sandwich hungry customers.

Only if they spell something wrong that is, then customers will have a field day, pointing out the mistake! Maybe that’s the secret to getting someone to read a sign – spell something wrong so they’ll just have to notice it. Genius. Did you hear that KFC are selling plant-based “chicken?” Keep reading for more on that.

But what’s the latest?

Well, police are currently investigating a Popeyes in Missouri after a sign was found saying that they would refuse to serve white people…

The note read that they will ‘reserve the right to refuse service to white people’…

Backlash over the sign actually forced the store to close down on Wednesday… Police are currently investigating the matter.