Police Mistake Father’s Urn Filled With Daughter’s Ashes for Drugs

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A father has been left absolutely devastated after police mistook his urn, filled with his daughter’s ashes, for drugs during a traffic stop.

They told the heartbroken father that they had found ecstasy or methamphetamine in the car… It was actually his young daughter’s remains.

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And causes great sadness for many.

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A parents’ worst nightmare.

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Something which is, of course, a hugely difficult and emotional process.

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And everyone can experience it in different ways.

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You can take comfort from strange things.

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Some people like to continue like they are still taking on life together.

Some like to remember by leaving gifts on their grave every year.

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To keep their spirit alive.

Others try to forget.

Which too is acceptable.

However one father is in the news recently after a truly horrific ordeal.

When he was stopped by police.

Dartavius Barnes was stopped by police in April last year.

Barnes was stopped after allegedly speeding in Springfield, Illinois.

When officers asked if they could search his car he complied.

Because he had nothing to hide.

So when police said they had found drugs, he was understandably surprised.

Police told Barnes they had found ecstasy or methamphetamines in his car.

Surprised, Barnes asked to see what they were talking about.

The officer then showed him a small, gold-coloured vial of ashes.

Barnes voice rose in horror.

He shouted:
No, no, no, that’s my daughter, bro! Give me that, bro! That’s my daughter!

The officer tested the remains…

And it proved to be true.

The ashes were those of Ta’Naja Barnes, Mr Barnes’ two-year-old daughter, who died in 2019.

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Ta’Naja’s mother, Twanka Davis, was convicted of causing the girl’s death through starvation and neglect.

He’s now suing the city of Springfield.

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He’s also suing the six officers involved.

He says they unlawfully searched his vehicle, opened the urn without his consent, and desecrated his daughter’s remains.

The police have denied any wrongdoing.

However in the footage they can be heard grumbling over their mistake.

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One officer says:
I’m just going to give him a notice to appear on the weed.

Another says:
Aside from p***ed-off dad and testing the dead baby ashes.

Take a look at the footage below:

Truly awful.