A woman is looking for justice after she fell victim to a police officer issuing an unsafe technical stop, causing her car to flip. The dashcam footage shows her screaming "I'm pregnant" as the police officer nonchalantly walks towards the upturned vehicle.

A police officer is being sued for flipping a pregnant woman's car because she didn't pull over fast enough.

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Nicole Harper was driving near Jacksonville, Arkansas in June, 2020, when she noticed a police car behind her signal for her to pull over. Harper claimed she put her hazard lights on and slowed down to try and find a decent spot to pull in, which is in keeping with the Arkansas Driver License Study Guide.

Officer Dunn then claimed he had been flashing his lights for 2 minutes.

Nicole stated she was driving towards an exit ramp, however, due to the exit ramp on the highway shoulder being reportedly too narrow, she didn't have adequate enough time to stop. Nevertheless, the recording on the dashcam shoed what happened.

The camera from officer Dunn's car shows him edge up close to the left-hand side of Ms. Harper's vehicle and nudge it, which is called a Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT).

However, upon doing this, Harper's red SUV banked left and smashed into a road divider, flipping onto its roof.

The dashcam footage shows Nicole screaming that she is pregnant, while smoke billowed from the underside of the car. Officer Dunn replied telling Harper "this is where you ended up" because she did not stop fast enough. Police also claimed the PIT was necessary as Nicole was attempting to "flee" the officer and that she was a danger to other drivers.

And now, almost a year on from the incident, Nicole has launched a lawsuit against Officer Dunn and the Arkansas State Police.


The Mises Institute reports the legal challenge has been brought before the police department for negligently "using a PIT maneuver and putting her own life and the life of her unborn child at risk as a result". Harper also claimed the maneuver was done incorrectly, and he didn't check who was inside the car before he attempted the PIT.

Nicole's lawyer is hoping to get a result against the police department: "Dunn chose to use a deadly force against a pregnant woman who was in the process of looking for a safe place to stop."