Police Forced To Reassure Drivers Road Sign Won’t Lead Them to ‘Squid Game’

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There’s no denying that Squid Game has totally taken over pop culture in the past couple of weeks. In fact, the show is now the most popular Netflix series of all time.

But one roadsign that looks worryingly familiar to fans of the show has received almost as much internet discourse this week…

Squid Game is a certified Netflix hit.

If you haven’t seen it yet, we won’t spoil it for you – but it is definitely worth a watch.

But there’s one thing that all fans of the show can agree on.

Actually taking part in a squid game is not an enticing prospect.

However, drivers in Slough in the United Kingdom, were in for a fright this week.

Anyone who’s watched the show remembers the chilling business card inviting participants to the game, featuring a circle, triangle, and square.

And one roadsign in the English town bore exactly the same shapes!

In fact, police were getting so many questions about it that they had to put out a statement.

“What a relief!” one fan replied.

“Would you rather get stuck in traffic, or play Squid Game? If it was the M25 it would be no contest!” another joked.

However, some die-hard fans were disappointed to miss an opportunity to joing their favorite show.

“You mean it’s not an invitation card?! Nooooo.” wrote one.

Would you want to join?