After cops pulled a gun on a black woman and she posted the video online, Tampa Bay Police have released bodycam footage of their own version of events.

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Right now is probably the worst time to be a police officer...

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And members of law enforcement here in America are now hated more than ever before.

Since George Floyd was brutally killed by a police officer last month...

People have been protesting and demanding justice for the black community.

Police brutality has been apparent for years in our country...

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And there's no denying that black people are targeted way more than white people.

People have decided to start fighting back amidst the Black Lives Matter movement...

And things were quick to turn violent with many attacking police officers on scene and getting themselves arrested.

It's a difficult situation...

Because obviously, not all police officers are in the job to throw around their authority and get away with violence - there are so many officers out there who are in the job to try and make a difference.

And even though many police officers deserve to lose their jobs...

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There is also the large population who don't at all deserve to be ridiculed and abused in the way in which they are being at the moment.

Whether that's being verbally abused in the street whilst on duty...

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Or having things thrown at a police car, this behavior towards innocent police officers isn't acceptable.

This is what makes this situation so complicated...

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It's difficult to distinguish the police officers who are wanting to do good and make a difference from the ones who are using and abusing their power.

But thanks to the power of technology...

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Video footage allows for bad cops to be shamed for their disgraceful behaviour and for others to prove their innocence. And with the most recent footage, we are able to see both perspectives.

The incident occurred in Tampa, Flordia.

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Joneshia Wilkerson sat for around five minutes with a gun pointed at her head whilst a cop awaited back-up.

The officer had pulled the car over as it was reported as stolen.

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But whilst she declared herself as unarmed, the cop would still not lower the gun.

The incident was recorded by Joneshia and posted online.

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In the short clip Joneshia can be heard saying "Y'all I got pulled over and this cop is literally pointing a gun at me. He still didn't put his gun down,"

"This is not no stolen car, I know when to return this". Joneshia is a member of the U.S. Army, where she had just returned from deployment. The car she was using, had been lent to her by a friend.

She also adds, "I'm not armed". You can watch the video here.

But in a bid to counteract this, Tampa Bay authorities have also released their version of events.

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Sharing the bodycam footage from the officer involved.

The footage was supported by a statement that stated that it was to correct a 'false narrative'.

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Tampa Bay Times shared that the statement said: "There is a post circulating on social media, that misrepresents the facts of a recent felony traffic stop of an occupied stolen vehicle."

The video provided is from the officers' shoulder-mounted bodycam and lasts for over 22 minutes.

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The video shows the officer holding the gun towards Joneshia from a distance whilst urging her and her passenger to keep their hands up.

It later shows her placed in handcuffs in the back of the cop car.

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Where she was advised of her rights and explained that she was not under arrest.

“Upon completing the investigation, the driver and passenger were released and appeared to understand the explanation provided by the officers," said the news release.

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The car was impounded but Joneshia and her passengers were not charged.

"I never expected someone like me would be put in this position,"

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Speaking to NBC News, Joneshia added, “I feel like something needs to happen to the Tampa PD officer who held that gun on me for four minutes. The Tampa PD, they are bullies, and the way they treat people is bad."

You can watch the bodycam footage here.

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