Atlanta Police Sergeant Fired Over an Instagram Video Showing Him Kick a Handcuffed Woman in the Head

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An Atlanta police sergeant has been fired after an Instagram video emerged showing him kick a handcuffed woman in the head.

Marc Theodule, who had been on unpaid leave since July, was fired following an investigation into the incident by the department’s Office of Professional Standards.

“Based on a review of all the facts, it was determined Sgt. Marc Theodule’s actions violated department policy and he acted outside of APD standards and training. The decision was made to terminate employment of Sgt. Theodule on August 2, 2021,” the agency said in a press release, Insider reports.

Theodule’s actions were first uncovered last month after a 6-second video emerged on Instagram.

Posted by the account ‘Atlanta Uncensored’, the video shows a woman facedown on the ground with her hands restrained behind her back while Theodule and Officer Bridget Citizen are standing near her.

At one point, the woman could be seen raising her head while Theodule appeared to kick her with his right foot.

The video, which does not include sound, does not show what happened before or after the six-second interaction, but the caption said the woman “was kicked in the face by an officer after she spat on his boots and pants.”

At the time that the video went viral, both Theodule and Citizen were suspended with the department saying that it was concerned that Citizen didn’t intervene.

However, she has since returned to work after the Office of Professional Standards investigation found that she “did not violate APD’s Duty to Intervene policy.”

“Our expectation is that employees intervene in on-going active situations, in this case, the kick occurred one time and then ceased,” the office said. “It was also determined that Officer Citizen brought the incident to the attention of a supervisor, a short time after the incident.”

“I want our officers and the public to know that I do not take terminating employees lightly. But I also understand that the Atlanta Police Department must be held to the highest standards, and with that comes accountability when departmental policy is violated,” it continued, Fox 5 Atlanta reports.

“Considering all the facts, I support the findings and recommendations made in this case.”