Pooch Selfie Phone Accessory Let's You Get the Perfect Snap With Your Dog | 22 Words

There's nothing better than being able to snap the perfect shot with your pet, right? It's the perfect photograph to share on Instagram. But with energetic pets, it can be hard to get them to focus.

That's where the Pooch Selfie comes in. With one simple and amazing gadget, getting the perfect selfie with your pet has never been easier.

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The Pooch Selfie phone accessory is the perfect way to snap a photo with your pet.

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As animal lovers, we're all obsessed with getting amazing selfies with our pets.

And the Pooch Selfie helps us do this.

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This nifty little gadget keeps the focus of your dog with a special squeaky ball so you have enough time to take a photograph.

There will be no more missed opportunities.

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Just slide the clip over the top of your phone and voila! It's as simple as that. The Pooch Selfie phone accessory is compatible with iPhones and Galaxy smartphone models.

And the best thing is that it also works well with front and back cameras!

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It's perfect for capturing all those special moments with your pooch.

Get your hands on one today!

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The Pooch Selfie is available to purchase by clicking here. Have fun, folks!