This Pool Float Made Specifically for Pregnant Women Is Bump-Approved | 22 Words

Being pregnant comes with a unique set of struggles that can make everyday tasks difficult, not impossible, but certainly difficult. From tying your shoes to walking up the stairs to even just lying down, having a baby can make the simple things in life seem incredibly challenging.

Alas, pregnant women don't let that growing human inside their belly stop them from being total superheroes and looking amazing while doing so. But just because they can do what we non-pregnant folk can do, doesn't mean we should not try to find an easier way for them to relax and rest like the queens that they are.

One company thought they'd create something to ease up on the extra difficulties that pregnant women deal with: trying to lounge on a pool float. Moms are raving about it, even Snooki has something hilarious to say about it. It's genius and creative, allowing moms to get that poolside relaxation they so desperately need.

Pregnancy can be confusing.

So many questions, and sometimes, not enough answers.

It's a lot to take in.

It's beautiful, it's scary, it's magical, it's a little bit of everything. Or at least so I've heard.

It comes in phases.

It's very exciting at first, with the gender reveal parties, baby showers, and all the cute baby bump pictures.

Then the long journey begins.

Backaches, swollen ankles, morning sickness, strange's all part of the process.

No matter the symptoms, it's a guaranteed adventure.

It's all about enjoying the ride and knowing that the end is so worth the wait.

It feels like no two women have the same pregnancy.

For some, it's a smooth ride. For others, it's a nonstop rollercoaster. A nine-month long roller coaster.

But having a baby doesn't hold moms back.

It might make things a little more challenging, but a lot of moms don't let their pregnancy stop them from living normal lives.

Unphased moms are queens.

Nothing can stop them from being their regular, superhero selves.

Sleep? What's that?

A big issue most pregnant women face is trouble sleeping or at least finding a position that's comfortable to rest.

It's not all lullabies and sweet dreams.

Are naps a thing for pregnant women? Something tells me they aren't easy.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Some women invest in some pretty interesting sleeping accessories to help them fall asleep. When losing sleep is at stake, all bets are off.

Women are serious about these pillows.

She has a point here, these pillows might take the place of your significant other for the time being.

It seems like there's a lot to be afraid.

With all the challenges, physically and emotionally, that come with being pregnant, we should all be on a mission to make life for moms easier in any way we can.

Baby mommas need summertime relaxation, too.

"Between hip, low back and shoulder pain I've been in tears more than I care to think about. So I invested in this thing... The Cozy Bump. My God has it been worth it in just the almost week I've had it," one reviewer raved.

It's also ideal for massages.