Pope Taken Ill One Day After Shaking Hands With Italian Public Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak | 22 Words

Mere months into the deadly coronavirus outbreak, tens of thousands of people have been infected as the disease spreads across the globe at an alarming rate.

Italy has been one of the worst affected countries, and now, people are seriously worried after Pope Francis has taken ill just days after his visit.

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We are currently in the midst of a medical crisis.

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Originating from the Chinese city of Wuhan, a deadly virus known as the coronavirus has been rapidly spreading across the globe.

But what exactly is the coronavirus?

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Reuters gave a short guide to what it is exactly... "Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that get their name from what they look like under a microscope - they are spherical and their surfaces are covered with "crown"-like spikes."

So far, the symptoms have proven to be deadly.

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"Coronavirus infections have a wide range of symptoms, including fever, coughing, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. Severe cases can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and death."

A lot of people have now died from the virus...

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It has been confirmed by Worldometer that 2,769 people have now died globally, with the majority being in mainland China. A further 81,229 have been found to carry the virus and be infected.

Things are only getting worse...

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The virus continues to rapidly spread, and traces of the disease have already been discovered and confirmed in 8 other countries including here in America, the U.K, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

The United Nations have declared a global emergency.

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The World Health Organization declared the emergency last month and called on all countries to take urgent measures to contain the respiratory disease.

And everyone has been asking the same thing...

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What is it that's causing this deadly virus?

There are many theories...

But it is widely believed that the sale of meat from wild animals is the prime cause of the coronavirus.

Bats are believed to be one of the main culprits...

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Strains of the virus have been discovered in bats in the past and, with them being a delicacy in some areas of China, they are believed to be one of the primary causes.

Chinese influencers have been heavily criticized for the consumption of bats...

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And many have been eating the bats whole without properly preparing or cooking them.

But regardless of where it comes from, the virus can be spread quickly and easily...

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And the World Health Organization has warned that it can be spread by simply coughing, kissing or making contact with saliva.

Scientists have been working tirelessly in a bid to find a vaccine...

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But despite generous donations made to the cause, they have so far had no luck.

People all around the world are panicking.

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It's a dire situation.

And many are going to extreme lengths to protect themselves.

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People have been spotted donning face masks and various other items of clothing and materials in airports in a desperate bid to avoid the virus.

And last week, the panic peaked when the head of Wuhan Hospital, the city known for being at the center of the crisis, tragically died.

He is the first hospital director to die from contracting the deadly virus.

His death was confirmed by People's Daily, the official newspaper of China's Communist Party.

This is utterly devastating news.

It's safe to say that researchers are now getting desperate...

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And there is an immense amount of pressure on authorities to find a cure, and fast.

Because the virus continues to spread across the globe like wildfire...

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And it's showing no signs of slowing down.

As stated earlier, the coronavirus has infected numerous different countries now...

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And the European city of Italy has been one of the worst affected.

There have been over 400 cases of the disease in Italy...

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And tourists have been advised to cancel all plans in and around the country.

However, this warning didn't scare everyone...

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Pope Francis, included.

Despite the health risks...

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Pope Francis, who is eighty-three, continued with his public appearances around the country, including St Peter's Square in Vatican City, Rome.

He was pictured holding hands with and kissing several spectators...

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All without gloves or face masks, leaving him totally exposed and potentially vulnerable to infection.

And now, he has reportedly fallen ill.

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The Pope has been forced to cancel his trip to meet the Rome clergy at the St. John Lateran basilica for Lent due to an unknown illness. He was seen blowing his nose and looking generally rather frail during his Ash Wednesday Mass.

Details around his illness remain unclear...

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The Vatican has only revealed that the pontiff had a "slight indisposition" and would proceed with the rest of his planned work on Thursday.

He will be staying in Santa Marta, Vatican City, until he is in better health...

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We wish Pope Francis a speedy recovery. This story is developing, and we will post updates accordingly.