No One Told Me Just How Much My Body Would Change Post-Kids | 22 Words

Both of my pregnancies were planned. I knew, at least I thought I knew what I was getting myself into.

I was scarily misled. Yes, motherhood came super easy for me. I had a good motherly intuition from the start but I never knew just how much my body would change post-kids.

I read many books on motherhood and pregnancy. The "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book was a daily read. I knew what my body would do to deliver my baby. I knew that labor and delivery would be painful. I knew that my body would also require weeks to heal itself. I read and I listened to other seasoned moms, but I did not know enough.

I don't think any of us know exactly all there is to know until we live and breathe motherhood — and just the many ways our bodies do change once we become a mom.

Breast is best. This we are told and this I believe. However, after you are done breastfeeding, things change.

My once perky little boobies are no longer, perky. It's like they are trying to reach for my toes or something.

And not only that. During that wonderful week before my monthly friend visits, my body remembers my milk making days.

That fullness I used to feel when I needed to pump or feed my baby is there sometimes. And I have no milk to pump — no baby to feed.

Everyone warned me to put lotion on my stomach to prevent stretch marks.

And I never thought to apply it to my butt, so now I have white strips (war wounds) on my arse.

I have always been a pretty laid-back type of person.

But no so much anymore. I have a oodles of stress now. I constantly stress about my kids. Most of the times it's about their health and well-being. But, also the stress they cause when they constantly bicker with each other.

I also stress about germs.

When my girls were babies, I literally saw germs everywhere. Babies love to put their mouths on everything. And so now, I've become somewhat of a germophobe.

My mind has also changed in other ways.

I am pretty anxious these days. I cannot bear to watch or listen to the news. There is always something awful I hear about that just makes me want to wrap my kids in a bubble.

I am also pretty short on patience these days.

Never have I ever thought I'd swear so much. Guess kids bring out the best and worst in you?

I know I have read somewhere that taste buds can change as you age, but my taste buds have changed slightly since becoming a mom.

I still dislike spicy foods, but beer has been something I thoroughly enjoy now. Pre-kids I thought it was nasty.

Pre-kids I used to work out at the gym, doing both cardio and weight training.

Interestingly enough, my arms became leaner and more defined by carrying my children around.

I became anemic after my second daughter was born.

Anemia is quite common in women. And especially during child-bearing years.

Anemia carries with it subtle but prevalent signs.

I experienced chest palpitations and shortness of breath. Of course, I assumed it was my heart. Thank God it wasn't. Anemia is something you can get under control with diet and supplements if need be.

Brain fog is also common with anemia.

However, so too is being a new mom who doesn't get nearly enough sleep she needs.

I often thought it was a combination of having an infant and not sleeping enough.

And of course, anyone would experience brain fog in that situation. But there is another phrase common to many — "mom brain" — and it is legit too real.

"Mom brain" has been scientifically proven.

After you become a mom, your brain is altered. I still will put my keys in the fridge, put wet clothes in the dryer and often forget to turn the dryer on. And my memory, ha! It's pretty bad.

After my first daughter was born, my foot grew a 1/2 size.

So I went and bought an entire new shoe collection.

And after my second daughter, my feet changed yet again.

Luckily, the second time around they shrunk back to their original size — 8.5. I also think my bunions protrude more now, too. But hey, who doesn't love shoe shopping? This made for a good excuse.

I now have a heightened sense of smell.

In fact, my husband calls me a "mutant." This usually occurs right before my cycle. I can smell literally everything. And if I am around someone with too much perfume, it's like I cannot breathe.

I pushed both of my babies out au naturel.

And let me tell you, that pushing does do something to your body. I thought they were lying because I didn't experience this after my first, but after my second, hemorrhoids are definitely a thing.

Pre-kids my periods weren't that big of a deal.

But now. Oh, boy. My hormones surge like a volcano about to abrupt. I get heated and short with my family about a week beforehand. I also get nauseous and crampy now. I never used to get so many unpleasantries before Auntie Flo arrived.

And when you think of all the daily stress you have, having these monthly aches and pains sucks.

Not to mention, I now have an audience whenever I use the restroom. Motherhood often makes you feel like you are alone in the madness. Which is why it is important to have other moms to vent to.

And I learned from other moms that teeth issues are common post-kids. My gums and teeth were very sensitive during pregnancy and shortly thereafter.

Things are better now. But dang, I had to get my first crown after my second daughter was born. My gums would also bleed when I brushed my teeth during both of my pregnancies.

I also have what is known as "geographic tongue."

It's so weird. I've talked to my dentist and doctor about it. Nobody knows what causes it but I do think it is linked to an iron deficiency. And strangely enough, it only occurs when I am PMS'ing. Basically, the tongue changes in color.

The changes aren't all bad.

Motherhood makes you multitask like it's no one's business. Moms these days are busy AF. And I have learned that I can do 10 things at once. No joke.

My body has also changed in the way I sleep.

I used to sleep like a rock. Now, I can hear a leaf hit my roof in the middle of the night. I literally hear everything. It sucks, but I do believe it's just a mother's internal instinct to protect her child from any harm.

I cannot go on any rides that spin in a circle.

I have no idea why, but my mom is the same way. If I spin my children around, it takes me a couple of minutes to re-establish my balance.

I cry at almost anything.

I have never thought of myself as a sensitive person, but since becoming a mom, I can cry at damn near anything. It's weird. Lifetime movies really do it to me.

Moms don't get sick days, but we do get sick. And it's usually after we have taken care of our sick children.

Even when we feel like we are dying, we still have a household to run. Because we have no other choice, and young kids don't comprehend that Mom can get sick, too.

Which makes us that much more bad-ass!

So yes, our bodies aren't immune to all the germs our kids bring home. But our bodies adapt to the sickness and still rear our children even when we feel like passing out. The inner strength we have is immeasurable.

Which is why being a Mama is pretty damn awesome.

Sure, our bodies go through the wringer to grow and bring a human being into this world. And then are never really the same after.

And as crazy as it is to experience the journey of pregnancy, it really is remarkable.

The gift of motherhood is like no other. Our bodies do change. They grow, they shrink, they do crazy things. But the love we have for our children makes anything we deal with — totally OK!