Pottery Barn Will Now Turn Your House Into Hogwarts | 22 Words

Pottery Barn has come out with a new line of Harry Potter-themed home decor, and it is everything you never knew you always wanted. Before rushing out to get it all— magically transforming your muggle living space into a wizardry wonderland — take this short quiz to see if their Harry Potter home decor is right for you.

First, do you hate money?


And I mean really hate it. When you have some, do you want to get it as far away from you as possible? If your answer to this is "YES!", then this Harry Potter decor could be for you.

Do you have so much money that you swim in it?


If you have piles of money that you lay on, throw in the air, frolic in, or dive into à la Scrooge McDuck, then Harry Potter decor could be for you!

Are you part of a Quidditch league?

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This is a real thing. If you play Quidditch, disregard any "no" answers to the previous questions because Harry Potter decor is definitely for you.

Finally, are you terribly bored and sick of your muggle existence in your sad muggle house?

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Really, when faced with the choice between magic and muggle, who wouldn't go for magic? Harry Potter home decor might just be for everyone*. *Just to be clear, "everyone" includes only people who hate money, but have enough to swim in, and/or play quidditch.

Seriously though. Ever look around your living space and feel so over it?


You don't need a wizard to come and fix it for you, just a credit card and a trip to PB Teen, and your living space can be magically transformed into Hogwarts. Seriously. Check it out...


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Yes, I want my living room to look like a magical dorm common room. (Does it come with the floor to ceiling windows? Because that really helps.) It is TOTALLY REASONABLE to spend $640+ on flameless candles (19.50 each). I'm certain I can figure out a way to make them appear to float that will look perfectly fine.

Does your teen's bedroom look like this?

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How can you expect your kid to stand out (aka get into Harvard) if he lives in such an uninspired dump?

With a flick of the magic Amex card, that boring bedroom is transformed!

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This bedroom decor comes complete with a no-broody/moody spell, a no-dirty-clothes-on-the-floor spell, and a potent appreciate-all-you've-got spell to help transform your average teen into one worthy of a PB Teen bedroom makeover!*
*Spells not really included because Harry Potter is a fictional character not a real wizard.

But wait — there's more! Is your budding wizard into frilly, fanciful things?

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OK, seriously, forget everything I said. I want this. All of it. Whatever it costs to get all this bedding in a king size is worth it because ZOMG. IT. IS. AMAZING. Also, the set of 3 Flying Key Jewelry Hooks ($89) is fabulous! And who wouldn't want a brand new analog clock that doesn't glow in the dark or have an alarm but IS shaped like a Golden Snitch for only $49? (Serious question.)

Obviously, you can't get just one or two things. You need to go whole hog(warts).


Just think about how much money you'll save because you'll never want to leave your house!

Here's the complete collection.

All kidding aside, this is an impressive collection and if you're swimming in money you should totally get it all.