A mom has revealed that her baby stopped using diapers at just 2 weeks old.

And, for those who think it's too good to be true, she has revealed exactly how she did it...

Those first few months of having a baby are always the toughest...

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And especially for first-time parents, they become a complete whirlwind.

There's a lot to learn...

Whether that's getting used to not sleeping properly, knowing what to feed your baby, or even how to change their diapers… it's pretty overwhelming.

But there's one aspect that many parents struggle with...

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...potty training.

There's tons of advice online about how to approach it.

But sometimes it's much easier said than done.

There's also debate around what age you should start potty training.

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Many people say that the child will give you signs that they are ready - and that this usually happens between eighteen months and 3 years old.

Of course...

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There's no official or set age to start. But research suggests that parents tend to start the training when their children are between 2 and 3 years old.

But one set of parents have made an astounding claim this week.

Montana Lower and Tom Lindwood from Australia, say that their daughter, Blue, hasn't used diapers since she was 2 weeks old.

We know what you're thinking...

That's literally impossible, right?

But, mom, Montana, assured parents that it's completely possible.

Montana released a YouTube video explaining the entire thing, and it's safe to say, we're shocked. Don't worry, we've got the video coming right up...

Just like us, Montana thought the idea of potty training so early was "crazy."

But it wasn't long before she changed her mind completely.

So, what's the secret?

Well, according to Montana, the pair used something called "elimination communication."

This involves looking out for signs that your baby needs the toilet and taking them.

Dad, Tom, says parents are able to recognize cues for when their child is hungry, so the same thing can apply for when they need to go to the bathroom.

And, surprisingly, they say it didn't even take long to get their daughter "toilet trained."

Montana revealed that it took only 1 day of Tom "really committing" to taking Blue to the potty every time she looked like she might need to go.

They started off using a Tupperware container...

Before moving on to a potty.

The couple says the method bypasses the need for a diaper, which is already costly as it is...

As well as enforcing a learned behavior.

But that's not all...

Since that day, Montana says Blue will look to them when she needs to go to the bathroom and they take her to the potty.

Montana revealed more details about the method.

"Babies are born with absolutely no preconceived knowledge of how to go to the bathroom and so if we don't teach them to go in their nappy, then we don't have to unteach them," she said.

She continued.

"It just makes a lot of sense to just straight up say 'we go to the toilet this way'."

The pair offered up some advice for parents wanting to try this method with their own baby.

"We recommend setting aside one day, Blue took one day to learn she needed to go toilet in the Tupperware container. Then after that it was up to us to read the signs."

Watch the couple's video below.

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