Pregnancy Caused Mom’s Teeth to Decay so Now She’s Spreading Awareness

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A mom has opened up about how her pregnancy caused her teeth to decay which resulted in her getting a full set of dentures…

And she’s trying to spread awareness around the surprisingly common dental problems that can be caused by pregnancy.

Scroll on to find out more about this terrible side-effect…

Now, we all know that pregnancy is unbelievably hard on a person’s body…

And women experience so many changes during those gruelling 9 months.

Of course, the physical and emotional pain is totally worth it for the arrival of a healthy baby…

But some women experience side effects that can be truly testing on both their mental and physical health.

Well, this is exactly what a mom named Alicia has gone through…

And unbelievably, her pregnancy resulted in her losing her teeth.

The mom, who goes by @PrincessGlitterhead on social media, has been trying to raise awareness of dental problems during pregnancy…

And people have been left shocked, to say the least!

But many have also been relating to the mom’s unusual problem…

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Alicia explained that she now requires a full set of dentures.

“During my pregnancy, my teeth rapidly began to decay – from the inside out. Both of my eye teeth broke off at the gum line a week or so apart from each other,” she explained.
“I remember laying in my yard feeling like my life was over. I would never be respected. I would never be pretty. My husband might leave me. He married me with perfect teeth and within a year I was already missing teeth.”

Alicia explained that she’d never had any serious dental problems until she fell pregnant.

“I never had a cavity my whole childhood until I was over eighteen. I even had sealant caps put over my natural teeth to keep them protected.”

For several years, the mom carried on with life missing some of her teeth.

“I never smiled. I stopped talking. I hid my pain. I was terrified of the dentist and I know I delayed treatment at times. I neglected myself at times. I couldn’t get ahead of what was happening. I would go get fillings and root canals that would break right out. When I was twenty-four, I had my second daughter, and a lot more dental issues arose,” she explained.

She only had 7 natural top-row teeth left when she decided to seek professional help.

“It took $10,000 and going to the dentist every week for a year straight to finish the work. My insurance wouldn’t cover any of it. They only cover a new partial every eight years and my teeth fell apart faster than that. So, we root canaled and crowned all my remaining upper teeth.”

But when she fell pregnant for the third time, her last few remaining teeth began chipping away and decaying.

“My upper bridge abscessed, causing my whole face to swell up. I only had 6 lower front teeth left and they were rapidly decaying, chipping, and breaking. Always hurting,” Alicia explained.
This is what made her look into getting dentures.

And when she found out her dentist offered financing, she booked herself in for surgery to get snap-in dentures right away.

“When he told me I could SLEEP in them and that I would never have to go without my teeth, I was SOLD. It was the scariest thing I have ever done, BUT I knew it could be the best decision I ever made,” she added.

Alicia wants people to remind themselves that they have a choice in how to feel.

“We don’t have to hate ourselves for needing dentures, no matter what the reason. There is no reason to feel shame for fixing something about yourself that will improve the quality of your life. Our children deserve parents who smile at them. We deserve to feel love and be happy. We have the power to make this decision the best thing we ever did for ourselves.”

Believe it or not, dental issues can actually be very common during pregnancy.

According to the CDC, about sixty – seventy-five percent of pregnant people have gingivitis due to changing hormones during pregnancy, and they are also at a higher risk for developing cavities.

It’s super refreshing to see Alicia taking her issue with a pinch of salt…

And we’re so happy for her now she has her dentures and feels confident and secure in her own skin once more!
Check out Alicia’s Instagram page above to get some insight as to what it’s like having snap-in dentures.