Pregnant Bride-to-Be Destroys 32 Wedding Dresses After Store Refuses to Refund $550 Deposit

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A pregnant bride-to-be has destroyed thirty-two wedding dresses after the store refused to refund her deposit.

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, so it’s only natural to want everything to be perfect.

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And that takes a lot of planning.

From meticulously placed Pinterest boards to numerous dress fittings, there’s a lot to do.

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One of the biggest pressures leading up to the wedding is, of course, finding the perfect dress.

Securing the perfect wedding dress is vital…

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After all, you want to feel amazing on the day.

But sometimes, there’s so much pressure on looking great on your wedding that it can get a little bit too much…

As one pregnant bride-to-be found out when she destroyed thirty-two wedding dresses because the store wouldn’t refund her deposit…

And people have a lot to say about it…

According to TooFab, local media reported that the woman had booked a wedding package, costing 8000 yuan ($1260), with the Jiangjin District bridal company in China in April 2021.

This booking, and the deposit of $550, was made ahead of her wedding which was due to take place in October.

However, shortly after booking the package, the woman found out that she was pregnant and as result, wanted to postpone the wedding.

In the August, the woman asked if the wedding could be postponed, which was agreed.

A few month later, in November, the woman changed her mind again, this time deciding that she wanted to cancel and get her money back.

The store refused to do this, so instead they reportedly offered for the woman to use the deposit money for her child’s 100th day celebration, and she accepted that offer.

The 100th day celebration is a milestone traditionally marked in Chinese culture, the outlet reports.

But, just when everything appeared to be sorted, the woman arrived at the store on January 9 and began cutting holes in several of the wedding dresses.

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A video, which has since gone viral, shows the woman working her way around the shop with a set of scissors in her hand.

In the video, an employee can be heard telling the woman to think about her actions, the outlet reports.

To which the bride-to-be says: “Several thousands? It’s fine, even if they’re worth several tens of thousands.”

She also asks the employee if she is going to call the police.

Eventually, the woman’s wedding dress cutting comes to an end, so she simply sits down and waits for the police to arrive.

Once cops arrive at the scene, the woman is taken away.

The outlet reports that the woman eventually apologized for her actions and her future husband offered to compensate the store.

Though it is reported that the store has not reviewed any of the money just yet.

What do you think about her actions?