'Pregnant Kylie Jenner' Is on Sale as a Halloween Costume — but Did It Go Too Far? | 22 Words

Every year, a hot new Halloween costume scandal explodes across the American zeitgeist, outraging progressives, titillating trolls, and making manufacturers tons of money - or, at the very least, giving them oodles of free publicity. Usually, said trend is racist, sexist, or some flavor of offensive geared to stir the scandal brew.

Remember Hillary Duff as a pilgrim, complete with Native American boyfriend? How about the whole Moana fiasco, which forced Disney to pull costumes from stores? What about when Heidi Klum dressed as Hindu goddess Kali, offending wide swathes of the Indian American population?

Point is, for every Halloween, there is a Halloween costume scandal.

First up this year - pregnancy.

That's right, inspired by the triumvirate of pregnant Kardashians, Halloween costume manufacturers have already come up with a new one for the outrage factory. Pregnant Kylie Jenner. Or rather, "Reality Star in the Making" (since, you know, they can't actually call it Pregnant Kylie Jenner).

It's made by Yandy - you might have heard of them...


They're your favorite purveyor of sexy Halloween costumes, and they've done their worst best with this one. This tasteless and tacky trend can be all yours for the reasonable - nay - virtually give-away price of $59.95. Now you too can look like a pregnant social media celebrity and lip-kit mogul by donning a "white dress with a V-neckline, criss-cross spaghetti straps, a ruched and wrapped bodice, and a faux pregnant belly with a tie back closure."

Accessories NOT included.


However, the wig can be yours for measly sum of $27.95. You can also choose to accessorize by adding black pumps with cross-over straps for $56.95, and - if you're feeling particularly wicked - indulge with the addition of a $5.99 low rise G-string to lightly caress your butt cheeks. Amaze friends by strutting out on Halloween with a skimpy white dress and fake belly satirize to mock a pregnant social media star. Or don't. (For the love of all that's holy, please don't.)

Can we suggest an alternative?


If you're really looking for that "wow" factor, may we suggest the wonderful babe costume instead? It's totally not Wonder Woman. Promise.