Pregnant Mom Thrown off Flight After 2-Year-Old Daughter Refuses To Wear a Mask | 22 Words

Viral footage has shown the moment a family was kicked off a flight, after spotting their 2-year-old daughter not wearing a mask.

Here's the full story...

Now, wearing facemasks has been a point of debate for over a year...


Because, sadly, a staggering number of people still protest against wearing them in public spaces.

More and more people have been joining the anti-mask movement...

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With many arguing that being made to wear a face mask during the global pandemic is "against their human rights."

Studies have shown there could be genuine physiological reasons as to why some people don't want to wear a face covering.


"When faced with uncertain situations over which we have no control, we tend to exercise it wherever we can, so we feel safe," one expert said, according to HuffPost. "Some will feel safer exercising their control over not wearing a mask, while others will feel safer exercising their control to wear one."

Other experts blame mixed messages from those in power which, we must say, explains a lot.

"The mixed messages we’ve all received are probably the main culprit for non-mask wearing. Inconsistent recommendations, along with historic polarization of political parties, magnify a common mistrust of government mandates."

But, whatever the reasons, masks have become an extremely polarizing topic...


With "anti-mask" protests continuing to take place all around the world.

But, with the growth of anti-maskers, there have been cases where those who are exempt have been told to comply with the rules...


A recent video shows a flight attendant threatening to kick a family off a plane in Florida because their 2-year-old wasn't wearing a mask.

All of the passengers on the flight were eventually forced to get off the plane, only to get back on again after the ordeal...

In footage posted on social media, a flight attendant said they needed to exit the plane for "non-compliance" with the mask rules.

And people are outraged...

According to the viral clip, the Spirit worker gestured to the little girl and said, "She's not wearing a mask."


"The baby?" the mom replied confused.

A woman then speaks out that "a lot of kids aren't wearing masks."


"You've been sitting next to me. Was I wearing the mask the whole time? Was I wearing the mask the whole time, everybody?" said the dad.

"I'll make sure he wears it. Everything is going to be fine," said the man filming.


The mom argued, "That's only a child and a 2-year-old."

"It's not my choice. You have to take your stuff and get off," the airline worker insisted, saying that they were in "non-compliance with the mask policy."


"We're done talking. The pilot wants you off, so you have to get off," she said.

The mom continued: "She's a baby. She just turned 2 a month ago. She's been trying to wear it."


The flight attendant threatened to call the police and walked away from the family.

Passengers packed up and were forced off the plane.


As the dad tells someone, "The captain was OK with it, the entire plane was OK with it but there was one African American that was not OK with it."

He also mentions his wife is pregnant, that his daughter just turned 2, and that his son has special needs and experiences seizures.


A third video showed cops saying: "they're the ones who were the problem" as the family walks by.

Orlando police said they were called about a general disturbance aboard the Spirit flight.


"Upon arrival, officers saw that the flight was in the middle of de-boarding. Our officers stood by, while Spirit Airlines resolved the issue," a spokesman said.

A Spirit representative insisted that it was the parents that refused to wear a mask, although this wasn't caught on camera...


The family was later allowed to reboard the flight after being warned.

According to Spirit Airlines, they require all passengers to wear face coverings. Children under the age of 2 are exempt.

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