Pregnant Woman Branded ‘Lazy’ for Refusing To Give Up Bus Seat for an Older Lady

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Have you ever been sat on public transport, and decided to give up your seat for either a senior person, an injured person, or a pregnant woman? Yep, us too. But what happens when you’re pregnant, and you’re asked to give up your seat?

Well, a woman, who took to Reddit not long after the incident, was asked to give up her seat for someone older than her…

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And she wasn’t wanting to do so, and here’s why.

On the AITA (Am I The A*shole) section of Reddit, the lady explained she’d just finished an 8-hour long shift, and that she’s eighteen weeks pregnant.

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The woman explained that she’s also still a little anxious about the coronavirus, which is completely understandable, right?

On the forum, she said: “Now I get on at the very first stop on the bus route and get off at the very last stop the whole journey takes about 2 hours.

“When I got on the bus it was quite busy on the bottom deck, with only one double seat left available.

“Usually I would go upstairs when it’s this busy but this time I had about 4-5 slightly heavy bags with me and didn’t feel safe trying to get up the stairs with them especially since I’m 18 weeks pregnant, so I sat on the seat downstairs.”

But then, an encounter she had with a new passanger made the woman quite upset.

“This is where the problem started, an older lady with a stick got on the bus and well she asked me to move. She wasn’t even polite when she asked and honestly I thought she meant to move over so she could sit next to me,” she carried on explaining.

“So I moved my bags and started to scoot over, when she ‘No, No I meant can you find another seat, this seat is reserved for disabled people. You are clearly not disabled. There are plenty of seats upstairs.'”

However, the seat the woman was sitting on, was not a priority seat, it was in fact the seat in front of her that was, and it was empty…

But the senior was wanting 1 seat, and she wasn’t willing to share it, telling the pregnant woman to move her ‘lazy fat behind, and give the seat to somebody who needs it.’

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And the woman’s response was as follows: “Lady I am pregnant, I am not going up those stairs with these bags and risking a fall. If you really want a seat to yourself ask someone else to move.”

Eventually, somebody else let the rather rude senior sit down on their seat, and that’s when the old lady continued to talk to other people on the bus about how disrespectful younger people are nowadays.

Most Reddit users agreed with the pregnant woman, too.

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Revealing that she’s not the a*s hole, writing: “F*ck older people who think their age entitles them to respect…they’re usually the ones lacking manners.”

What do you think?