Presenter Thinks a Spider Has Crawled up Her Dress, Freaks Out Live on TV

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A TV presenter was left a little red in the face when, thanks to an alleged pesky spider, she accidentally flashed her audience on live television. All we can say is… ouch.

Live TV leaves absolutely no room for error, thus putting presenters and reporters alike under a lot more pressure than usual.

Because if there are any mistakes, big or small…

They will be seen by everyone.

These mistakes will be around to haunt them for the rest of their careers.

Clearly unaware she was reporting live at all, an Australian Channel 9 reporter swore openly when she messed up her lines. This will haunt her for years.

Because even the tiniest of hiccups will likely humiliate them in front of the whole nation.

Well, one presenter arguably suffered the most embarrassing blunder of them all when she thought she felt a spider.

She was presenting on Bravo ai Still, which translates to Bravo, You Have Style, a popular show in the country in which contestants are marked on their themed fashion events and clothes by a panel of judges, when disaster struck.

A spider, to be precise.

Only to flash her audience – both in the studio and at home – in the process.

Of course, people found the whole thing to be very amusing.

And Ilinca can be seen standing at the centre of a stage with a co-presenter while wearing a floor-length black dress.

However, it quickly becomes clear that all is not well…

And, evidently panicked, Ilinca started to frantically shuffle around with her dress.

And, in a panic, lifts her entire skirt up, flashing the shocked audience.

And can be seen inspecting her underwear for any creepy-crawlies.

When it becomes apparent that there isn’t any insects in her pants…

She re-adjusts her dress, picks up her cue cards, and makes her way back to her mark, covering her face and laughing with embarrassment.

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