‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Tammin Sursok Slammed After Posting Family Photo

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Pretty Little Liars star Tammin Sursok has caused an internet debate after being slammed for posting an “X-rated” family photo.

Keep scrolling to see why people were so shocked…

But there’s more to this talented woman’s resume than one would expect.

The thirty-six-year-old actress emigrated to Sydney, Australia, when she was just 4.  

And Tammin was brought up surrounded by music and performance. This lead her to enroll in the Sydney Youth Musical Theatre where she pursued her interests in acting, music, and dance.

She appeared in the long-running Australian soap opera, Home and Away. It’s true when they say all successful Australian actors and actresses start in this soap opera because a few years later, Tammin made the big move to the United States.

She then went on to star in The Young and the Restless, Spectacular, and Hannah Montana.

The actress stared in Braking For Whales last year – a story about a dysfunctional brother and sister who are forced to come to terms with each other and themselves over their recently deceased mother’s final wish.

In 2010, Tammin was cast as Jenna Marshall, a teenage girl who was left blind after a prank went wrong. Tammin’s character played a suspicious role amongst the leading characters whilst they were being tormented by the mysterious “A.”

And in 2013, Tammin made the announcement that she would continue her role as Jenna throughout her pregnancy.

And they have since had 2 daughters together.

And there’s no denying how happy Tammin is right now with her little family by her side.

But it seems that in more recent times, fans have been left feeling uneasy over the actresses’ most recent family photo.

Because today in 2020, parents can’t do anything without being criticized or slammed, can they!

And Tammin posted a family snap of her and her daughters completely in the nude, with the caption: “Thank you Montana and @yourmontanagetaway for the MOST incredible stay! You stole our hearts and by the looks of it, our clothes!”

And many praised Tammin for encouraging her daughters to be comfortable around each other and, more importantly, to be comfortable with themselves.

And after all, it’s a mother’s job to teach her daughter how to be confident and body-conscious, right?

Many fans felt it was inappropriate of Tannin to share this photo with the world. “Some pictures should just be personal… love for your family but not out in the world.”

And even though Tannin used an emoji to maintain their decency, fans felt that this wasn’t enough. “This is so wrong seriously wtf, there are so many perverts everywhere especially in social media.”

Taking to her Instagram stories, she said: “Our Western culture is filled with taboo about bodies. We are taught to view bodies as dirty, shameful, and imperfect. Nudity in art is almost always about the power and beauty of the human body.”  

She continued to say: “Bodies are not gross and in your mind used for sexual purposes. Bodies are powerful and amazing. If you think about what a body is really capable of, it will really blow your mind. We should celebrate that. It’s only weird if you make it weird!’ Maybe sit with yourself and ask why the backs of 3 people go to something sinister in your mind.”

“Also, images of extreme violence are blasted at us every day and yet we have made that ok. Maybe if more pictures of this were posted that were bathed in love and purity, we would live in a much better world.” All we can say is… nicely said!    For more on mom-shaming, scroll on for Kylie Jenner’s most recent troubles.