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We've all had a slightly disappointing experience when purchasing something online, but have you had an experience so bad that you found fleas in your purchase?

Well, some people have and as a result Pretty Little Thing have had to call in pest control.

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Now, there's nothing like a bit of retail therapy.

While it's never a long-term solution to a low mood or high stress, there's no denying shopping can be good fun.

And nowadays, we have even more access to shopping.

Because you can actually make purchases all from the comfort of your own home, without even having to leave.

It just takes a matter of clicks.

And then masses of parcels can turn up at your front door - sort of like it's Christmas morning, except you bought everything yourself.

It can be pretty exciting.

Not only is the process of receiving something in the mail great fun, but you can often discover you've found something perfect.

But online shopping isn't perfect.

There's a certain aspect which makes it prone to a few more mistakes than shopping in-store. Because you never actually know precisely what you're getting.

Which can lead to some mistakes.

And, therefore, some truly disappointing purchases. It's pretty disheartening when you make an order and end up hating everything you bought.

Some products are clearly misrepresented.

Like this pair of "Yeezys," which look more like comedy slippers than some sought-after sneakers.

So what's the lesson?

You always have to read the description - and if there are measurements there, pay close attention to them!

And remember that you're taking a risk.

Exercising caution when online shopping is absolutely key - and well worth always bearing in mind.

But if you think those online shopping fails are bad, then wait until you read this...

Some shoppers at Pretty Little Thing have been sent more than they purchased after they found "fleas in clothes."

News that has, obviously, not gone down well online...

Ayra Anderson posted a video on TikTok claiming there were tiny bugs in her parcels from the brand.


and all i was offered was the same order for free.... after fleas.... in my orders.... ##fyp ##fleas

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In the clips, small bugs can be seen crawling across clothing items as she says "I feel so ill."

As per The Sun, another customer, Saf, also spotted and filmed fleas in her package.


The company responded to the claims pretty quick by sending pest control teams into their warehouses.


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In a video post to TikTok by Pretty Little Thing they said, "As soon as recent bugs in packages allegations came to light we immediately launched a full investigation. This included an inspection of the warehouse by a third-party pest control company."

"We found no evidence to support the claims being made. We are extremely proud of our warehouse, and the teams who maintain them, and we hope that the information provided has addressed the concerns that have been raised."


A message to our PrettyLittleThing family. We take any and all issues very seriously. Please read 👇

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