Prince Harry has spoken out in honor of his late grandfather, as part of African Park's Earth Day message...

Harry gave a heartfelt message to Prince Philip in the video.


And people have a lot to say about it. Read on to hear what he had to say...

The first Earth Day was held in 1970, when people were asked to join in a grassroots demonstration...

Dealing with environmental issues, where a whopping twenty million Americans protested together.

President Richard Nixon led the nation in creating the Environmental Protection Agency, where the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act were created.

April 22 has since been the official celebration date.

Today, not only is Earth Day a day meant to increase awareness of environmental problems...

But it is also a popular time for many communities to come together to clean up litter, plant trees, or just reflect on the beauty of nature.

And now Prince Harry has spoken out on this Earth Day as the president of African Parks...


To honor the late Prince Philip.

Harry also narrated the "Hope Starts Here" video...


Which shows the beauty of Africa and how the protected areas are thriving.

Harry has worked with the African Parks since 2016 to create a better environment for communities all across Africa.


"Hope starts here with the places that we are protecting now to ensure a healthy future for us all," he said in the video.

During his lifetime, Philip also took part in organizations dedicated to conservation and was the first president of the World Wildlife Fund from 1961 to 1982.


He then served as international president of WWF from 1981 to 1996 and later the president emeritus. Like his late grandfather, Harry has worked to help others around the world to better the environment.

Which is what makes his message so poignant.

Harry said in a statement on Thursday, April 22, alongside a newly released video for Earth Day...


"On this Earth Day, I reflect on generations of conservation champions, including my late grandfather, and feel proud and energized to continue doing my part in this legacy.

"This year especially, I join the incredible African Parks team and communities around the world in a shared dedication to our environment and collective wellbeing."

"As we now begin to move towards an era of global recovery and regeneration, it's critical that we continue to look at the strengthening and protection of biodiversity..."

"Not just as a value we hold — but as a responsibility that is vital to our way of life," his statement concluded.

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