Royal Expert Claims Prince Harry Is Now ‘Regretful and Embarrassed’ by Oprah Interview

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Prince Harry was “hurt and angry” over how Meghan was treated by the royal family, but now it seems he’s had a change of heart about the comments made during the infamous Oprah Winfrey interview…

A royal expert has claimed Harry is “regretful and embarrassed” about the whole ordeal.

Read on for the full low down on the shocking comments he’s made.

People have had a lot to say about the whole debacle.

Duncan Larcombe, author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story, got to know Harry during his time as a royal editor, and described him as “hot-headed.”

Speaking to Closer magazine, Larcombe said Harry frequently acts on impulse and even shared the time he “flew off the handle” at him back in 2008.

Duncan revealed how he explained to William and Harry he would stay out of the way during an event…

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However, later on, he said William invited him to join them for a drink, but Harry was “livid,” thinking he’d gone against his word.

“He’s a hot-headed guy, he acts on his emotions,” Duncan admitted.

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​”He saw red and we had a row – but after William explained, he calmed down, apologized and we had a beer.”

Duncan added that he believes a “similar thing happened” during the explosive interview.

In which Harry claimed Charles and William are “trapped” in “The Firm” and Meghan accused the royals of institutional racism.

“Harry was clearly hurt and angry about Meghan’s experience with the royals – and used the interview to get it out,” Duncan said.

“But after returning home, I’ve no doubt he’s been feeling embarrassed, regretful, and awkward. He’s now facing the consequences. I believe he’ll regret that interview – and maybe his decision to leave the royal family.”

As we know, Harry returned to the UK to attend Prince Philip’s funeral on April 17…

He flew back to California shortly after, missing the Queen’s ninety-fifth birthday on April 21.

Charles, William, and Harry were said to have talked after the interview, but it was reportedly “unproductive.”

Duncan said he’d heard Harry felt “numb” heading back to Meghan and had “mixed emotions” about seeing his family again at Prince Philip’s funeral.

Meanwhile, he said Meghan is “in her element” living her LA dream, and is worried that Harry won’t be able to live both lives…

“He’s in for a very difficult ride. There could be tough times ahead,” Duncan said.

William and Harry are expected to meet again this summer to unveil a new statue for Princess Diana at Kensington Palace.

Leaving many people hopeful that it will help mend their relationship.
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