In recent months, the role Oprah Winfrey has played among the royal family has been immense. Who didn't see her bombshell interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, after all?

But it seems as though Oprah's ties to the royal have run much further back in time. In fact, a recent story about Princess Diana's relationship with the TV host superstar has recently resurfaced - and people are loving her cheeky antics.


We've all borne witness to Oprah's very public issues with her body image. In fact, when she famously lost forty pounds through an extremely strict, calorie-controlled diet, she even paraded a wagon of animal fat through her television studio to demonstrate how different she looked. Since the controversial television moment, Oprah has famously said she regrets the crash diet and spoken out against her subsequent publicity stunts.

But it seems Princess Di saw Oprah's public weight-loss as an area ripe for a cheeky prank, the author and royal expert Robert Lacey explains in a new chapter of Battle of Brothers. Orpah was supposedly desperate to get an exclusive interview with the Princess during the mid-1990s, but Di was a little more skeptical.

Diana "never had much time for" Oprah, Lacey claims. Simone Simmons, a friend of the Princess, also told Lacey, "Diana felt very uncomfortable with Oprah. She thought that Oprah was only after sensationalism - like when she interviewed Fergie about her book, and all she wanted to talk about was Diana." Diana also reportedly believed Oprah was only interested in interviewing her in a bid for ratings and scandal, rather than wanting to build any sort of friendship with the Princess.

But never one to give up, Oprah decided to fly to London to meet Diana and try to convince her in person. Exasperated with the attention, Diana invited Oprah to Kensington Palace for lunch - and took the opportunity to have a little fun of her own.

Diana asked her personal chef Darren McGrady to prepare his special tomato mousse for Oprah's visit - but with a twist. Diana ensured her chef made her mousse in the usual style - fat-free and diet-friendly. For Oprah, on the other hand, she asked McGrady to prepare a different version of the dish - a full-fat alternative containing heavy cream and mayonnaise.

Orpah, upon tasting the decadent dish, was shocked. She even reportedly asked the princess, "Diana, how do you stay so slim eating rich food like this?" To cover up her prank, Diana told her she stuck to small portions, and exercised a lot. And it seems Oprah never did get that exclusive interview ...

Poor Oprah! Although with her current work with Prince Harry on The Me You Can't See, maybe she actually got the last laugh?