Miami Private School Says Teachers Who Get COVID Vaccine Aren’t Welcome

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Last week, a Miami private school warned their teachers that if they are to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, they will no longer be allowed in the classroom.

The elusive Centner Academy has received a whole lot of backlash for its stance on the vaccine…

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Which, so far, has been rolled out to at least thirty-nine percent of the country’s population.

The school is located in Miami’s exclusive Design District, known for art galleries, shopping, and architecture.

Tuition starts at $15,160 for part-time preschoolers and runs up to $29,850 for its middle school students.

However, their expensive tuition fees don’t quite align with their ethics.

Parents and teachers alike have been left furious after the school’s leaders sent out an email with a stark warning: avoid receiving the coronavirus vaccine or else you won’t be welcome in the classroom.​

Of course, the reactions have been strong since their email was made public…

According to the New York Times, the email, written by the school’s co-founder, Leila Centner, began by stating:

“We cannot allow recently vaccinated people to be near our students until more information is known.”

The school went on to cite debunked misinformation to justify the alarming policy…

Suggesting that “reports have surfaced recently of non-vaccinated people being negatively impacted by interacting with people who have been vaccinated,” despite the medical consensus that the coronavirus vaccine effectively prevents serious infections and carries few risks.

Centner also alluded to viral misinformation about the vaccine’s impact on fertility and menstruation in women and girls…

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Before suggesting that vaccinated individuals “may be transmitting something” to unvaccinated people.

“We are not 100% sure the COVID-19 injections are safe, and there are too many unknown variables for us to feel comfortable at this current time.”

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“Until more is known, we must err on the side of caution when it comes to the welfare of our students and our school team.”

The email concluded:

“It’s no secret that education systems around the world are facing challenges in preparing students to deal with the demands of unpredictable circumstances related to COVID-19. We will continue to work hard to make the best decisions to keep our children healthy and safe – physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

You can read their full letter below.

The school are yet to respond to the backlash.