Priyanka Chopra Trolls Nick Jonas for Fifth-Wheeling at the VMAs

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There’s nothing like an awards show for offering some hilariously meme-able content. And this year’s VMAs has been no exception. The Jonas Brothers returned this year with a triumphant new album, Happiness Begins, plus a banger of a new single, “Sucker.” While the tune is incredibly catchy, the video (featuring the three Brothers’ wives) is what made it a super smash hit – so it was no surprise that it won the award for Best Pop Video.

Sadly for Nick, though, his other-half, actress, Priyanka Chopra, was unable to attend the ceremony, as she was away filming. So as the big announcement was made, while Kevin and Joe turned to kiss their spouses, Nick was left feeling a little awkward – and this didn’t go unnoticed by Priyanka.

As the name suggests, the group is formed of three brothers – thirty-one-year-old Kevin, thirty-year-old Joe, and twenty-six-year-old Nick.

But they soon became a musical sensation in their own right, being nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammy’s in 2008 and selling over seventeen million album worldwide.

But after six years of break-up, the band got back together and released new single, “Sucker,” on March 1st this year.

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But what really got a lot of attention was the video. It starred the three brothers along with their respective life partners – which, for a song all about being in love, was pretty cute. This included Joe and Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner.

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These are the longest standing of the couples, having been married since 2009. These two also share two kids.

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It was, of course, Nick Jonas and his wife, Priyanka Chopra. The pair married in Jodpur, India, in December 2018.

She won the Miss World pageant back in the year 2000 and used the fame that she gained as a means to launch her Bollywood career.

She’s played supporting roles in a wide range of U.S. drama series, including Baywatch and Isn’t It Romantic.  Chopra is also an ambassador with human rights charity, UNICEF. Phew.

And as you’d expect from such a high profile event, there were a ton of stories that got everybody talking. Plus some pretty crazy red carpet looks, naturally.

To no one’s surprise, their excellent video for their new single, “Sucker,” was being recognized for the Best Pop Video award. If you’re not sure why, just go give it a watch.

And so, without them, it’s fair to say that it’s unlikely that the vid would have gained so much attention – and so much praise.

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It seemed only natural that the video’s co-stars (the respective Jonas wives) would be there to offer their support. This was true of Sophie, who posed with hubby, Joe.

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She tends to stay out of the spotlight, as she’s the only one of the three wives who doesn’t also work in the entertainment industry.

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Priyanka Chopra was nowhere to be seen at the VMAs. But Nick and Priyanka shippers needn’t fear – she was simply unable to attend, as she was working on a film.

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But it was clear that Priyanka was missed – most predominantly by her husband.

Well, it meant that Nick was invited to one of the music industry’s most prestigious events – and he didn’t have a date.

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You can always count on them to be your replacement “dates” to an event – particularly one which has nominated the three of you for an award together.

It was revealed that the Jonas Brother’s video, “Sucker,” had won the Best Pop Video award – beating out huge contenders like Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” and Taylor Swift’s “You Need To Calm Down.”

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Take a look at the moment that it was announced that “Sucker” was victorious. It looks normal at first – until you notice Nick, right in the center.

As both his brothers turn to embrace their wives, Nick is left sitting awkwardly in the middle. It’s honestly like a work of art.

It was just one of the classic candid shots that seemed applicable to many of our lives – and ideal for meme-ing.

For anyone who’s ever been a third (or fifth) wheel while surrounded by happy and affectionate couples, the image cuts deep.

Although don’t feel too sorry for Nick.

Because, although he looks lonely AF right here, it’s important to remember that he is still married to, and in love with, one of the most beautiful actresses in the world.

Hey, if we were married to a Jonas brother, you can bet that we would never miss an awards ceremony and leave him in the lurch like this.

While it’s true that Nick’s wife was absent, perhaps the real love of his life was still in attendance.

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Because nothing says true love like making a meme out of your hubby, right?

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It’s true that one of the most important aspects of a relationship is keeping a sense of humor – and, if that’s the case, we think that Nick and Priyanka are going to be fine.

It’s equal parts cute and hilarious – so, we have to say, well done. And way to save your husband from looking like such an awkward loner!

Alongside winning the award for Best Pop Video, the famous bros took to the stage to perform and absolutely blew the roof off the stadium.

Even if they can’t always hang out as the six stars of the “Sucker” video. Alongside these hilarious meme-able moments, the VMAs also gave us some excellent red carpet lewks. But whose was a hit – and whose was a miss?