37 Products You Need To Hack Chores On The Daily

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Chores are a lot like weeds. They need to be hacked and dealt with before they take over your living space and turn your home into something that could be featured on TLC. Because that’s what will happen if you make a habit of putting them off forever. So what’s a budding chore-doer to do? Find products that can help you hack through your chores faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of 37 Amazon products that you need to hack through your daily chores like Cinderella. These products can assist you in ways you never imagined. Little shortcuts to help you check-off your to-do list without experiencing a migraine. From magnetic ironing blankets to shower caddies, this list contains items that can help anybody optimize their daily chores. All you have to do is scroll through this list and make the purchase! So don’t be shy — browse on through this list of 37 products you need to get a handle on your chores!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Flexible and Easy to Adjust Hanging Shelf

If you’re in a small bedroom, you may find that you just don’t have space for a dresser. How are you supposed to store your folded clothes? Easy: a hanging shelf set. Just pop it into your closet and you have an easily accessible set of three shelves. This product will certainly cut down on your post-laundry organizing and free up time for the things you really enjoy.

Mix and Match Your Wardrobe With This Variety Pack of Organizers

If you don’t want to look through multiple products to find the different sizes and arrangements that you need, this variety pack is a great option. It comes with five different drawer organizers in different sizes with different compartments so that you can organize everything from underwear to shirts.

Keep All Your Loose Belongings In One Place With This Stylish Tray

There are unlimited uses for this mirrored tray, from a fashionable serving tray to a cosmetics or jewelry organizer. The carvings lend it an indelible uniqueness, and at the end of the day, it’s perfect for keeping track of your valuables, jewelry, or anything that becomes a chore to find. The handles on each side let you easily move it from room to room!

Organize Your Bras With This Specially Designed Divider

Think bras are impossible to organize? This drawer insert is perfectly shaped for bras and will hack the seemingly impossible chore of organizing them. You know you have that one bra that you always want to wear, but always gets stuck in the back of the drawer, impossible to find? No more. It’s right here! Neatly organized.

This Underbed Storage Set Holds 32 Pairs of Shoes!

I found this under-bed storage set that holds a whopping 32 pairs of shoes altogether. You know what that means? More time for shoe shopping, and less time trying to hack through the daily chore of organizing them!

This Food Storage Organizer Will Save You Time And Sanity

The food storage container portion of my cabinets is an unholy mess, but thanks to this organizer, it won’t be for long! This organizer will assist you in the never-ending chore of locating your container lids. The reviews seem to agree! “I got tired of all my Tupperware lids haphazardly scattered in my cubbies. I looked for a solution and came to this one online. It has been a game-changer! I can always access the lid I need without having to sort through dozens of other lids, and catching the ones that fall out. The construction is out of sturdy metal and assembly was pretty simple. Highly recommend!” – Purplerhino

This Utensil Jar Will Optimize Your Kitchen Chores

Kitchen utensils are like bunnies. First, you have one. Then, you have a second. Then, you have a million and don’t know where they all came from. This find won’t solve that problem, but it will at least get the ones you own under control. This one is a good size (translation: it’ll hold a lot) and comes in both white and gray.

These Reusable Grocery Bags Stay Open in Your Cart

Since these reusable grocery bags have parallel bars at the top, they’ll stay open so that it’s easy to fill them up while you’re shopping. Each one is machine-washable, as well as sturdy enough to hold up to 50 pounds. And if that isn’t enough? One reviewer even raved that “I like that they have mesh bottoms so they won’t accumulate grunge if there is a spill.”

These Produce Bags Take The Place Of Up to 1,000 Plastic Ones

Those plastic produce bags at the store aren’t biodegradable — but these mesh ones are made from organic material that will gradually break down over time. Each one can replace up to 1,000 plastic bags over its lifetime, and they even have little tags that tell you what the tare weight is. All in all, these reusable grocery bags will hack your shopping trips!

Defrost Your Food Quickly And Naturally With This Defrosting Tray

​There’s nothing worse than wanting steak for dinner only to realize that your sirloin is still sitting in your freezer. If you find yourself in this predicament often, you’re in luck. This defrosting tray thaws fish, meat, and poultry ten times faster than room temperature!. All you have to do is put the tray on your kitchen counter and place the frozen meat of your choice on top, and voila! Within 30 to 60 minutes, your food will be ready to cook.

This Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws and Nails During Summer Projects

This magnetic wristband can hold screws, nuts, bolts, nails, and more, so you can effortlessly hack through your DIY chores without loose screws falling all over the place. It’s the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves mechanical or house projects. It’s kind of like a tool belt but for your wrist!

Meet Your New Shower Caddy

Let’s face it: Most shower caddies are utilitarian in nature and not overly aesthetically pleasing. This shower caddy basket, luckily, is both. The tiered design gives you plenty of room for all your lotions and potions (it holds up to 20 pounds worth) and the included hooks are great for loofahs, razors, brushes, and more. This would also be a stylish addition to a kitchen for spices and utensils.

This Handy Toilet Paper Holder With a Shelf

It might not look like much, but the shelf on this toilet paper holder is shockingly handy. I like to keep my phone on it while I’m in the shower, or you can even keep a spare roll of toilet paper on it — just in case you need a backup. Plus, each order comes with adhesive for easy installation.

This Supersonic Hairdryer Knock-Off Without the High Price Tag

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You don’t have to drop $400 for a Dyson supersonic dryer when you can have this one for less than $40. This ionic hair dryer has all of the same attachments (smooth nozzle and diffuser nozzle) and features — two speeds, three heat settings, and multiple cool settings. Reviewers cite the speedy drying time and resemblance to a more expensive dryer as reasons to purchase.

This Wet Mop is a Household Workhorse

If you don’t yet own one of these wet mops, what are you waiting for? These are so handy for cleaning all types of floors, from wood to tile to stone to laminated! Plus, this one includes four reusable microfiber mop cloths so you’ll cut down on the waste and expense of the disposable ones. Chore, meet hack.

This Echo Show 5 to Make Your Daily Route a Breeze

This Echo Show 5 is my must-have bedside table companion because it sets my alarms, timers, and calendar updates, as well as streams my news, music, and other shows. The best part is that it’s voice-activated, so I just added Alexa, and voila! My home routine was smart and easy. And it can even control other devices like cameras and lights.

This Wood Knife ‘Block’ Helps You Claim Back Some Counter Top Space

Don’t have enough counter space for a bulky knife block? This magnetic strip lets you hang your blades up on a wall — and unlike other magnetic “blocks,” this one is made from solid teak wood. It won’t rust, dull, or chip over time, and it’s magnetic enough to hold larger utensils besides knives.

These Spice Labels Can Hack Your Seasoning Game

No joke, these minimalist spice jar labels inspired me to completely reorganize my pantry. This set of 94 labels come pre-printed and ready for you to affix to the jars or bottles of your choice (although you can’t go wrong with the jars pictured). It has all of the traditional spice names, including some lesser-known options — all in a waterproof and removable design. Genius!

These Salt and Pepper Shakers Let You Adjust the Coarseness

These glass salt and pepper shakers not only look good, they can optimize your culinary pursuits by allowing you to choose different degrees of coarseness. All it takes is a simple twist. And guess what? The shaker part is on top so they won’t spill salt and pepper everywhere in your cabinet like my current ones do!

This Life Saving Extender for Clothes Hangers Create More Closet Space

It seems like I can never find a place with enough closet space. Now maybe it’s just that I have too many clothes, but I prefer to think that it’s because closets are simply too small. My solution is to use these space-saving hangers. Each one can hold five items and swivels so that the items stack vertically, taking up almost no space. Yes, please.

Keep Your Dishwasher in Tip-Top Shape with this Dishwasher Cleaner

Dishwashing is a chore — but washing your dishwasher? That’s another story. Keep your glasses and plates looking nice and shiny and your dishwasher staying fresh with this dishwasher cleaner. It’s designed to power away lime and mineral build-up and clean your dishes at the same time!

This Coffee Canister Keeps Your Coffee So Fresh

Stale coffee is so heartbreaking, especially when you discover it on a Monday morning. (Ask me how I know). Keep your grounds as fresh as can be with this purpose-built, airtight coffee canister that even includes a handy 1/8 cup scoop so you can measure just the right amount, every time.

This Pour-Over Coffee Maker Couldn’t Be Easier to Use

Speaking of coffee — If you like your coffee-making as straightforward and simplified as possible, try this pour-over coffee maker that brews a strong cup in seconds. I love that it’s paperless and uses a metal filter since that produces so much less waste and cuts expenses! Satisfied reviewers love that it’s the perfect 14 oz size, superbly well-made, and makes the perfect cup so easily.

This Multi Purpose Hanger Holds All Your Bits and Bobs

It’s a chore to keep track of your jewelry. You can use this three layer hanger for organizing different pieces and keep it all in one place. At the top is a small shelf for sunglasses or accessories. Below that are two layers of hangers for ties, belts, scarves, or anything else.

These Gorilla Grip Oven Mitts are Waterproof So Spills Won’t Burn You

These Gorilla Grip oven mitts are silicone, so even if you spill hot liquids or sauces while taking stuff out of the oven, it won’t seep through and burn your hands. Plus, they couldn’t be easier to clean. “I found these mitts and instantly fell in love. First, they are very soft on the inside. Not like regular oven mitts where they’re kind of soft, but kind of rough too. The outside is extremely flexible and very slip-resistant. I have used these on 450-degree ovens and not felt anything. They are fantastic!” – Indyram44

Miss Mouth’s Stain Eater is Kiddy and Pet Safe (It’s Also Not Match for Grime)

Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater stain treater is safe (you can use it around kids and pets); powerful (it removes stains from clothes, carpet, and upholstery; and, fast (fast means fast, I don’t know what else to say.) The 4-oz. bottle size is convenient to stash just about anywhere, including in a purse, diaper bag, or kitchen cabinet. This stain remover will definitely cut down on laundry time so you can hack through your clothes with speed!

Simplify Your Mani With Gel Strips

Things sure have come a long way in the manicure world. Where you only used to be able to choose from various shades of nail polish, now you can choose from polish, dip powder, press-on nails or nail strips like these from NAILOG. These semi-cured strips are made from real gel liquids and can last up to 14 days. It’s all the beauty of a professional mani for less than $16.

This Digital Scale Fits in Your Pocket

This Pocket Scale is about the size of your hand, and measures in grams or ounces. Customers report that it works great and is handy for jewelry, herbs, and other small items. Cut down on your cooking time by accurately measuring ingredients with a hand-held device that can fit anywhere!

This Super Spacious Door Pocket Organizer is So Useful

This pocket organizer uses a space that almost always goes forgotten: the back of a door. It’s wildly convenient and lets you store shoes, towels, pillowcases, or anything else you can stuff into the dividers. Perfect for optimizing seldom-used space and cutting down on the time you spend picking things up from various spots. It’s all just right there.

These Spice Jars With Magnetic Bases Are Fridge-Accessible

Stick these magnetic spice jars to your fridge to help save a little space, or even just to show off what a chef you are. They’re made from tough stainless steel, and the tops have sprinkle holes so that you don’t have to open them up to use.

These Magnetic Multi-Purpose Clips Are Handy for Everything

I’m always on the lookout for multipurpose clips. This set of seven magnetic clips have so many uses, from sealing chips to holding a child’s artwork on the refrigerator. This reviewer likes them best for sealing snacks: “These work great on all bag sizes. I was worried they wouldn’t work as well on large chip bags but they work great. Would definitely recommend!”

Cook Hard Boiled Eggs In Under Nine Minutes With This Egg Pod

One of my favorite snacks is a hard-boiled egg. It may sound weird, but I just can’t get enough. However, they aren’t the easiest thing to prepare. Or should I say they used to be hard to make? With the Egg Pod, you can make hard-boiled eggs in minutes. No more boiling water! Oh, and it can also be used to steam small foods like potatoes and corn.

This Handheld Vacuum Sealer Keeps Food Fresh

Save money and time — all while extending the longevity of your food. The food bag heat sealing machine can help you store leftover food, snacks, fruits, and more. Avoid waste and maintain freshness. Your kitchen is begging for one of these handy gadgets to help you hack through your kitchen chores!

Evenly Coat Pans with this Oil Sprayer for Cooking

Cooking is a chore. Combine the ease of spraying a Windex bottle with your favorite olive oils and leave behind the aerosol cooking sprays, and exercise greater control of your cooking oils with this laser-focused spray bottle. This oil sprayer bottle can be loaded with different condiments, such as olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, wine, soy sauce, and more. Before you know it, this kitchen sprayer will become an invaluable fixture of your countertop real estate.

This Microfiber Hair Wrap Will Work Wonders On Your Hair

There’s no need to potentially damage your hair with the heat from a hair-dryer: you can just invest in a microfiber hair towel. It’s super-absorbent and will dry your hair in record time, while also reducing the frizz in your hair (which tends to plague curly-haired women in particular!) It’s also ultra-lightweight and much gentler than your average towel, so it’ll feel great on your head.

These Reusable Stasher Bags Hold All Your Snacks (and Stuff)

These reusable Stasher bags are a simple and effective way to seal sandwiches, snacks, nuts, and more without the hassle of dealing with plastic ziplock bags. The reviews speak for themselves! “I’ve tried a LOT of reusable bags as there are a lot of options out there all using a variety of materials. This one is the most simple and easy to use. No separate pieces to lose. Can withstand any temperature/microwave/dishwasher/whatever. And if they get gunky they are very easy to clean and I trust that they aren’t hiding gross crumbs in any of the crevices.” – Megan A.

This Magnetic Ironing Blanket is Much Less Bulky and Easy to Store

Ironing is such a pain in the neck. Most of that irritation comes from having to lug out the big ironing board, set it up in the hallway, and then wrangle it back in the closet. Instead, consider this ironing blanket. Use the magnets to secure it to the top of your washer or dryer. You’ll never have to deal with the bulky metal ironing board again!