One homeowner was in for the shock of their life after they discovered their chic, gray carpet was actually an entirely different color after it was professionally cleaned.

Just wait until you see the carpet after it was cleaned...

Now, Brandon Anderson helps cleaning companies find clients and throughout his career, he's has seen a few weird things.


Which is to be expected, of course.

And after stumbling across his TikTok account, where he shares videos of them...

We've really been enlightened.

It's quite frightening to think how many people don't clean their homes as often as they should.


But the latest video takes that right to a whole new level.

While getting their carpets deep-cleaned, one homeowner realized that their grey carpets were actually an entirely different color...

And instead, they were just so dirty that the actual color was buried underneath the darkness.

​The video immediately gained attraction online and since it was posted, it has received over 10 million views.


And of course, hundreds of horrified comments...


Even though the carpet was filthy as hell, it made for an unbelievably satisfying video to watch!


Take a look for yourselves...

Here it is:

I'd just throw the entire carpet away because seriously, there are some things that are better off in the trash.

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