Professor Suspended for Asking Pupil To Change Her ‘Explicit’ Name

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An ignorant professor has been suspended after he asked a pupil to change her “explicit” name.

Matthew Hubbard, a trigonometry professor from Laney College in Oakland, California has been suspended after he told one of his students to “Anglicize” her name.

Phuc Bui Diem Nguyen had only been at the college for 2 days before Hubbard had emailed her with an unusual request.
“Could you Anglicize your name? Phuc Bui sounds like an insult in English,” he wrote.

Phuc stood against his suggestion but Hubbard retaliated by doubling down on his first request.

“If I lived in Vietnam and my name in your language sounded like ‘Eat a D***’, I would change it to avoid embarrassment both on my part and on the part of the people who had to say it.
“I understand you are offended, but you need to understand your name is an offensive sound in my language.”

Of course, Phuc was extremely shocked at the professor’s appeal, as well as his use of offensive language.

Speaking to the news station, KGO, Phuc explained how she felt about the situation:
“I was shook because growing up, they were problems with how to pronounce my name, but they would ask me how to pronounce my name. He’s being an ignorant person and not trying to learn my name.”

She continued:

“I never heard that before. At that moment I was surprised, so I Googled the meaning – I didn’t know what it meant so I called my best friend to ask him what does that mean?”
She also added that Hubbard referred to her as P-Nguyen over a Zoom class.

In Vietnamese, Phuc’s name means “happiness and/or blessing.”

Hubbard has since issued a lame apology on Twitter and is currently on leave pending an investigation into his conduct.
He wrote this via a now-deleted account: “I apologize for my insensitive actions which caused pain and anger to my student, and which have now caused pain and anger to an untold number of people who read my two inappropriate emails on the internet.”
How dare he? I wonder how he would have reacted if someone told him to change his name because it sounded silly in another language? The fact that he could even make the request in the first place is white privilege at its finest.
Let’s just hope Phuc gets the justice she deserves.