Have You Had A Nightmare About Your Teeth Falling Out? Here's What It Actually Means... | 22 Words

A psychologist by the name of Ian Wallace has been interpreting dreams for over 30 years, and he's interpreted over 150,000 dreams in that time. Here are his most common interpretations of people's dreams.

Finding an empty room

Finding an empty or unused room in your dreams suggests you're discovering a talent you didn't know you had before.

The more time you invest in discovering these hidden talents, the more opportunities will present themselves.

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Be sure to explore things you may not have done before and you might find you have a hidden talent (even if it's a useless one).

Finding yourself in an out-of-control vehicle

The vehicle is representative of your ability to make progress towards a specific objective in your life. You may not feel like you have enough control of your own path to success.

Being naked in public

It seems like everybody has had this dream in one form or another throughout their lifetime. I used to have this dream, but only my shoes and socks were missing. Weird, I know.

But finding yourself naked in public in a dream means that you find yourself in a situation in life that is leaving you vulnerable or exposed.

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Just hopefully not literally. What does the pesky teeth dream mean though? Well...

Teeth falling out

Ugh, can we all universally agree that teeth dreams are the WORST?

Aside from the cringe-factor, your teeth falling out in a dream means you are feeling a lack of confidence in life, as teeth symbolize how powerful and confident you feel.

But man, those dreams can give you the heebie-jeebies like none other.

Taking an exam or test you haven't prepared for

This means you are examining your own performance in life.

Being chased

This means you have an issue in life you need to confront, but don't know how to.


Another super-common dream is the "falling" dream, where right as you're falling asleep you jolt awake because you feel like you're literally falling. And it has a surprising meaning behind it.

Falling in a dream means that you are clinging on too tightly to a situation in your life, and you need to have more trust in yourself and others.

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Might as well call us Drake though, because we have some serious trust issues.


Flying dreams are much cooler than being naked in front of your class, or having your teeth fall out, but not everyone is lucky enough to experience a flying dream.

The ability to fly in a dream means that you have recently freed yourself from something that has been weighing on your mind.

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So no wonder most of us here haven't been so lucky to have a flying dream. We just get stuck peeing in our pants. Which brings us to our final dream...

Unable to find a toilet

This is likely to mean that you are finding it challenging to express your own needs in life, as a toilet represents a place we need to respond to our body's most fundamental needs.

While you're awake, you attempt to meet your needs by looking after the needs of other people, but it can often end up with other people just "dumping" their problems on you.

Pun definitely intended.