Viral footage has shown students at a high school in London staging a mass walk-out in protest of the school's "racist" new uniform policy.

Here's the full story...

The students from Pimlico Academy in Westminster, London, are taking a stand.


Tommy Shelby, one of the presumed pupils, shared a video of the grounds outside the school, where hundreds of students could be seen gathering in protest.

They were refusing to go to class over the school's new uniform policy...

Which many have slammed as "discriminatory" and "racist."

Since the footage went viral, people have been quick to applaud the students...

The new uniform policy states hairstyles that "block the views of others" are not allowed.


The pupils say the rule will unfairly penalise students with Afro hair.

Students have also hit back at a rule banning colorful Hijabs.


A petition was set up by the pupils titled, "Petition Against Pimlico Academy's Dress Code Changes For All Years" and since their walk-out went viral, it has picked up more than a thousand signatures.

The petition's description reads:


"We as students have the right to express ourselves however we choose and also have the right to have our natural hair whether it be big hair, small hair or loads of facial hair or no facial hair."

"We should be able to show our shoulders without 'distracting the boys."


"We should be able to wear jewelry as some can be sentimental. We should be able to wear any colored Hijabs we want as it's part of a lot of people's religion. We should be able to have a clothing option for people who don't want to conform to a gender."

In the now-viral video, the pupils could be heard chanting, "we want change!"


Over the weekend, graffiti was sprayed on the school grounds that read:

"White schools for brown kids - are you mad?" and "Pimlico by racists...for profit!!!"

Speaking about the graffiti, which has since been painted over, a parent of a pupil at the school told the Independent:


"I'm definitely not shocked. I knew it would've been coming because there's been ongoing unhappiness among students and parents about the school's discriminatory uniform policy and lack of awareness around issues to do with race."

They added:


"The students and fellow parents aren't particularly distressed by the graffiti because, at the end of the day, it echoes our views which the school's leadership has been aware of for some time and chosen to ignore."

You can watch the footage of the protest for yourself below.

It is not known how the school handled the walk-out.

Pimlico Academy is yet to address both the incident and their uniform policy.