A vegan couple has been banned from owning pets after inspectors found their 2 puppies had been fed a meat-free diet. But that's not where this devasting story ends...

It's safe to say, the internet is outraged by their actions.

There's no doubt that veganism is taking over the world.


The general consensus in 2021 seems to be that consuming meat is harming the planet and just plain cruel.

More people are now ditching their steaks and switching to a plant-based diet.


Trying to make wiser decisions about their food consumption.

But what does plant-based mean?


It's a phrase that's thrown around an awful lot these days but, to put it simply, the term plant-based is used to describe a diet that cuts out all (or most, in some cases) animal-based products, such as meat, fish, and dairy.

The lifestyle choice has been steadily on the rise for the last couple of years...


Whether it be for health reasons or more ethical concerns, the trend of cutting out animal products from food and drink is completely booming.

And many of those who have cut out animal products like to encourage people to do the same.


May that be through word of mouth, on social media, or a protest.

But one vegan couple have gone too far with their lifestyle choice...

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After forcing a meat-free diet on their dogs.

James McKenzie and Megan Price from Queensland, Australia have been banned from owning pets after their 2 puppies were found to have been fed a vegan diet...

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Leaving them underweight and with a severe nutritional imbalance.

It's a story the internet was horrified to learn...


McKenzie and Price's bull-arab-cross puppies, Roo and Ula, were seized in May last year after RSPCA inspectors found they had been fed chickpeas, rice, and quinoa, according to ABC Australia.


Roo was found by inspectors as being underweight and struggling to walk.

The couple claim the injury was sustained after jumping off the couch.

To help with the injury, the couple gave Roo a homemade cast as they said they couldn't afford to visit the vets.

Inspectors told them to take Roo to a vet immediately before revisiting several days later to check on the dogs and see if their conditions had improved.


Upon doing so, the RSPCA was told that the animals were "not with us anymore" and had "gone to God."

Although inspectors quickly found this was not the case and the puppies were still at the property.

Following that, the RSPCA executed a search warrant, where they discovered only human vegan food and no animal food.

Roo and Ula were also taken to the vets where it showed the food they had been eating previously had caused calcium deficiencies and a severe nutritional imbalance.

Price told the inspector that she had been making her own dog food.

But she refused to disclose what ingredients she used.

The dogs were seized and provided emergency treatment, which resulted in Ula being renamed and re-homed.

But sadly, Roo did not respond well to the emergency treatment and on the advice of three vets who had concerns about his chronic pain, he was euthanized.

McKenzie and Price were charged with 2 counts of failing to treat an animal and one failing to comply with an animal welfare direction.


They were ordered to pay more than $8,600 in fines, legal costs, and vets bills.

And subsequently, banned from owning pets for 3 years.


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