Puppy Whose Front Legs Were Cut off in a Dog Meat Slaughterhouse Is Rescued

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Hundred of dogs sadly face the atrocities of a dog meat slaughterhouse.

It’s a situation that we may think we cannot do much about, but we can…

One puppy has been rescued by an avid dog lover. These pictures are so heartwarming.

Dogs have been traded for their meat across Asian countries for decades, but only now are people starting to fight back against the treacherous practice.

Rumors of a festival that tortures and butchers dogs and cats to death started to circulate online, and many of us hoped it was too gruesome to be true.

But, sadly, our fears were confirmed to be true. The Yulin meat festival was indeed a real thing, beautiful cats and dogs were routinely getting tortured, and we had known nothing about it until now.

And what we saw was nothing short of horrifying.

The animals, which are often pets snatched from the streets, are packed into tiny cages, and are often subjected to hours, and sometimes days, without food or water.

Because of the warped belief that “pain makes the meat tastier,” the dogs are often tortured, burned, beaten, and skinned before they are killed.  

We quickly learned that this wasn’t just a problem in China. It was found that other Asian countries such as Indonesia, Cambodia, and South Korea also legally operate dog meat farms.  

As did the sickening footage.

As you can see, there is absolutely nothing humane about the dog meat trade…

And, in the last couple of years, efforts have been doubled to bring an end to this barbaric act of cruelty once and for all.

British comedian and animal rights activist, Ricky Gervais, regularly shares messages and reminders about the issue of these markets, and urges his followers to work together to help bring an end to the trade once and for all.

Infamous music producer, Simon Cowell, recently rescued a dog from a meat market in South Korea.

The Humane Society International, an animal rights organization, has been campaigning for the end of the cruel dog meat trade for years, and has team members located in all the incriminating countries.

As the awareness and anger have grown over the years, hundreds of these markets have gradually begun to shut down.

Earlier this year, the Chinese government singled out canines as forbidden in a draft “white list” of animals allowed to be raised for meat. They then called dogs a “special companion animal” and one not internationally recognized as livestock.

And many have gone on to be rehomed with loving families. Just like the Dalamation puppy, Emma Roo.

Now, three-years-old she has been rehomed and adopted by dog lover, Misha Rackcliff Hunt, 27, from Charleston, South Carolina.

At the slaughterhouse her two front legs had been removed, ears shaved and part of her tail was gone. The process of removing dog limbs is often done without anesthetic as it is believed to make them produce adrenaline which will make the remaining meat tender.

It was there that a small toe defect was discovered, the reason thought to be why breeders discarded her.

But sadly, just two years later in 2019, she was returned back to the clinic.

And that’s where Misha and Emma met…

The Daily Mail reported that Misha said, “I remember first seeing Emma online – she has the most human-like amber colored eyes. I didn’t even think about the logistics of it. I knew this dog was sent to me for a reason.”

Misha explained that “When I met her, I thought she might be cold or not interested in people from the trauma but she came up straight into my arms. “By the time we finished our five-hour road trip home, it’s like she knew I was her person and that I was never going to leave her.”

“Due to the nature of her injuries, we know that they were human inflicted. This is apparently common with ‘rare’ breeds who are dismembered and tortured,’ Misha said. “Emma has a fear of any chainsaw-like sounds such as hair dryers, vacuums, and lawnmowers.”

Emma is now recovering at home with Misha and it is going really well.

Misha and Dalmatian Rescue also raised funds through social media to get Emma a custom front wheel cart from Eddie’s Wheels.

Emma’s even managed to gain a following of her own, with almost 10,000 followers of her Instagram account.

“Emma has struggled with her cart and prosthetics because of the way she carries her body so we go to a local dog pool for water therapy. She has a massage to help with the tight muscles in her back. “She now loves to play catch and with her stuffed toys, and she’s very well behaved around other dogs at the park. She’s now realizing there’s a whole world of activities out there.”

They’ve created t-shirts stating, “Stand up for those who can’t” and the money raised will be donated to organizations working to stop the industry.

“We’re not the heroes, the dogs are the heroes. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are organizations out there who want to help you to give your dog the best life possible.”

If you want to see the full list of animal shelters homing these dogs, you can do so here. But now, let’s talk about something a little more lighthearted. Did you know that there’s a hostel in Bali that uses rescued puppies for therapy? Keep scrolling for more…