Times are pretty difficult right now. With the pandemic still raging on, families have been forced apart but there's one thing that is clearly keeping the positive vibes going: Puzzles. A simple yet fun way to help pass the time.

And recently, a man shared his heartbreaking story about his mom on TikTok only to be contacted by a puzzle company who had the most amazing surprise in store for them both.

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The past twelve months have not been an easy ride for anyone.


But the older generation have suffered pretty badly.

Loneliness is already a big problem for them...


But it's gradually getting worse, but it's not all bad news, and this recent viral story gives us some hope.

It all started when Josh Sowin, the mastermind behind Blue Kazoo posted a video to his personal TikTok...


In the clip, he talked about his favorite customer so far: Granny Janny, a seventy-eight-year-old grandmother who was totally smitten by the puzzles at Blue Kazoo.

In fact, she loved them so much that she purchased 3 of them in order to teach her family some important life lessons.

Blue Kazoo

She emphasized that she loves "proving that [she] never gives up" and that "you just gotta believe" in order to achieve. And I don't want to sound too soppy, but those are life lessons that everyone should make sure they learn.

People were moved to tears... Literally.






Granny Janny is living proof that passion never dies once you've got it!


Anyway, receiving one heartwarming reply was enough to make people shed a tear, but what if I told you Granny Janny wasn't the only person that replied to Josh?

After the video started gaining traction on TikTok, another man dueted the clip to tell Josh about his own mom's heartbreaking story...


@fjmfd revealed that his father passed away, leaving his mother alone to fight with loneliness but especially during the pandemic as things have gotten even harder for her.

But then she asked her son a question: "Do you have any puzzles for me so I can keep busy?"


And immediately, he went and bought his mom a variety of different jigsaws and that has helped her find some light throughout these testing times.

He ended the video message with a "thank you" message for Josh...


Also adding that the job he was doing was "awesome." We totally agree!

And upon seeing the kind response, Blue Kazoo did the nicest thing ever.

They messaged the man and offered him a free puzzle that he could gift to his mom in order to help her keep pushing through this testing period and to say he was grateful was an understatement.

Here's the video reply from @fjmfd, so you can hear the full story for yourselves:


#stitch with @joshsowin hi, tnx for being awesome

If you're in the mood to help pass the time in your own household, why not check out Blue Kazoo's range of awesome puzzles by clicking right here.

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